Lions are trouble makers

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>Lions are trouble makers<
> JongKey
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"Kibum comes to Hogwarts as Mahoutokoro gets evacuated. He gets sorted into Slytherin House and the first thing he learns is that the lions from Gryffindor only mean trouble. Even troubles of the heart."


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Inferna (Psi)

>Chapter: Psi<

Kibum was still basking in the feeling of victory when he walked up the hallway that lead to the meadow beyond. It hadn’t been easy to convince Jonghyun of his request, but this particular matter was a personal thorn in his side.
The elder hadn’t really been keen on letting him go. Scratch that, he hadn’t wanted the spring god to go at all. However, Kibum had found a very convincing argument that had enabled him to turn the tables and leave the other baffled.
The brunet hadn’t been able to think of a counter argument and thus Kibum had announced that he would be going and that he would go alone.

“Fine,” he remembered himself saying
“Seunghwan can come”

So his last statement was proven as invalid, but this had been the only thing he had agreed to after he had told the elder that, yes, this was his fate too. His job.
His reason why he was allowed to be a part of the underworld and as such, he would attend to his duties and not count on Jonghyun to carry the heavy burdens in his stead. That was just not how Kibum worked.
He didn’t want to be dependent on someone, not after he had been sheltered like that by his own parents. The black haired deity needed to stand on his own two feet and pull through with his own strength.
And Kibum was really grateful that Jonghyun had given in with a last, unnecessary loud, sigh.
A sigh which the younger had easily ignored, too caught up in the feeling of winning over the other and getting what he wanted. The deity knew he could be stubborn – but he wouldn’t want to change that.

Seunghwan had promised to meet him at the destination. It was so much easier for her to travel the shadows as it didn’t take a toll on her at all. Jonghyun was able to travel longer distances without any of his black mares, but the further the destination, the more exhausting it would be. Kibum had gotten the hang of it pretty fast, but expanding his reach was still difficult for him. The spring deity was continuously practising, but tonight there was no time to waste.
Vanity could easily be spotted on the green meadow as he opened the big wooden door at the end of the corridor – her black frame was always a stark contrast to the colourful nature around her. Her ears perked up before she raised her head to look at him, letting out a small huff.
Kibum chuckled and beckoned her over with a wave of his hand that she easily understood and made her trot closer to him, her tail swishing.
Bridling her didn’t take long and soon enough he could push his feet into the stirrup and mount her, taking the reins in his hand and make her run for the closest shadow that would take them away.
The darkness that enveloped him had stopped bothering him a long time ago. He didn’t close his eyes anymore as soon as they entered the realm that belonged to the underworld alone and neither he nor Jonghyun had a say over.
Kibum knew that he did not have to fear anything.
It was simply a measure of cause and it got him to the well-guarded castle of Ephyra(*), with its high battlements, their large defensive wall and the many soldiers guarding the place.
It was a symbol of power to the people of the city state. A power their king was abusing.

Vanity emerged from the shadow of one of said walls, the full moon giving enough light for large shadows to be cast. She neighed as she came to a halt, Kibum’s eyes darting around in hopes of finding Seunghwan close by.

It didn’t stop him from inhaling deeply, as the crispy night air felt really refreshing to him.
Since winter passed both Jonghyun and him had been on edge, their nerves raw. Spring used to be Kibum’s favourite season, thanks to very obvious reasons, but he had also learned that spring was the season of war, when Ares and Athena reigned freely, enjoying the shenanigans of the mortals.
And war meant casualties.
It meant death.

And Ephyra was playing a major role in that. Their soldiers were barely trained. The army had lost their great fighters and due to the avarice of their current King they pulled young man from their families, handed them a piece of cheap armour and told them to go out on the battlefield and kill.
The deity knew first-hand how that ended.
Most of them had been wailing in his ears when they arrived at the river Styx where Seulgi was waiting for the young men with sad eyes.

It needed to stop.
The remaining soldiers didn’t even have time to properly bury all of their fallen mates and neither had the resources to do so as it was of no concern of their ruler.
Kibum growled in the back of his throat as he thought of the countless of souls that would never find peace.

“Young Master”, Seunghwan touched his arm with more force than he had expected. Yet, as soon as the deity rose his head to look at her he knew why.
Her whole body was tense, her face pale as she tried to catch her breath. The Erinye of anger was fighting an inner battle and only now did Kibum understand why.

“Seunghwan…”, he touched her hand that was gripping him and she calmed down a little, releasing him after another heartbeat. The sheer anger and madness that had accumulated in this place must be driving her insane. She was close to losing it and then more people would die.
It was the nature of the Erinyes. They were receptive to the emotions they punished after all.
“We need to hurry”, she breathed out and Kibum gave her a curt nod. The black haired hoped that his presence would help her. They were connected now – like Jonghyun was connected with them. It had been a very strange feeling to him, feeling their presences in the back of his mind, but he had learned how to deal with it.
Not that he had another choice. Not since he had accepted Jonghyun and the underworld fully.

Vanity had vanished back in the shadow they had come from and the two of them were left alone. They just needed to go inside the castle now, find the monarch that was causing this distress, who was not honouring his dead, and bring judgement to him.

It was easy.
So easy.
He was a deity and Seunghwan a creature of the shadows. They could just walk past the guards, enter straight through the main gate that was held open for messengers and servants to pass. The soldiers flanking said gate didn’t see them.
They didn’t even feel their presence as they passed by, Kibum’s black chiffon flapping in west wind sent by Zephyr(**). Seunghwan was right behind him, her steps a little reluctant, a little hesitant as she had to pull herself together to not lash out.
But she was doing fine.

Soldiers were rarely receptive to divine beings. Kibum couldn’t remember ever being seen by one. Jonghyun had never mentioned something like that either. There surely were some cases out there, but usually their special talent stayed unnoticed or they worked in temples. The divine places where it was something sacred and special when a mortal priest had visions of the gods.
Was an oracle.
Not all of them were true, however.
They strut inside the inner courtyard, taking a look around to assess their current situation. Torches were lit in countless braziers around the yard and some servants were running from one place to another, opening and closing the many doors that led inside the hallways and corridors of the palace.
Each door was guarded by another soldier.
But they should not pose a threat to them.

“It’s this way”, Seunghwan whispered out, not due to the fear of exposure but because of her current state
“Are you sure?”
Kibum followed her gaze to a large wooden door, with two soldiers positioned next to it.
The Erinye of anger hummed in affirmation. She could probably feel it. The anger and greed this man… this tyrant was emitting.
The spring god nodded to her and was about to walk over to the men and make them lose consciousness for a while when he stopped in his tracks, his attention averted.
There was a young boy standing next to a pillar, carrying a pitcher filled with what seemed to be wine. He must be a servant, Kibum mused, judging by his shy demeanour and his clothes. Or lack there off.

The thing that bothered the deity however, were the boy’s eyes. Dark brown, seizing him and Seunghwan up from head to toe.
He could see. And not only the slightest illusion, but see them as a whole.
The boy swallowed audibly, but Kibum just waved at him, showing him a gentle smile before he brought his finger to his lips, indicating the boy to stay quiet about this.
Luckily, out of respect or fear, the young boy nodded.
Judging by his look of utter shock, it was probably the first time he saw a divine creature in front of him. Or at least the first time that he realised that what he was seeing right now was not from his own world.
The black haired deity wanted to try his luck then.
He locked gazes with the servant again before he looked at the door with the guards. If he would let the soldiers drop unconscious, there was a chance that others might find them and alert the whole castle.
Which would result in chaos and their chance to confront the king alone would be spoiled. So this… was a safe call.

The boy nodded again, clutching the pitcher in his hand and stepped forward, walking to the door that Kibum had hinted at. The guards only looked at him for the duration of a heartbeat before they stared straight into the yard again.
The entryway stayed open, the boy waiting for the strange deity to enter the corridor after him.
And he did.
The door fell shut behind Kibum and Seunghwan.
“Thank you”, he mouthed to the boy and reach out to ruffle his hair a little. He couldn’t be much older than 11 human years maybe.
The spring god wasn’t too sure about that though, as he had never really paid that much attention to mortals and how they grew up.
There wasn’t time to dilly around like that.

The servant boy nodded again, not daring to speak and waited for the deity to give him any sign of permission to leave. Kibum chuckled a little, how easily humans could be intimidated.
These kind of mortals at least. The ones with power and wealth were arrogant, sometimes believing they could put themselves above the gods.
Like this particular one.
The boy had rushed off, not caring if the wine in the pitcher would spill over the edge or not. Soon enough, he was out of sight and the spring deity and the Erinye followed the long hallway.

In the end, they located the royal chambers at the very top of the palace, at the very back, but unguarded and with an open door.
The man must either not value his life or was sure about his soldiers taking care of any suspicious movement.
If only…

The royal chamber was lit by torches that decorated the walls. The window was open to let in the cool breeze of the night, causing the flames of the torches and the candles on the table to flicker.
The man they were searching was hunched over said table, staring at a map, moving around some figures made of wood that should probably symbolise his troops.
Kibum took a deep breath as they entered the room fully, the west wind welcoming them with a small gust that rippled the silky curtains as well as the deity’s tunic.

Up close, the king did not look like a tyrant. He looked like a man that had seen many things in his life, good and bad, and had formed his path in this world.
But Kibum knew exactly how said path looked like.
And Sisyphus of Ephyra left dead bodies in his wake. Unburied and with no coin in their mouth to carry them over the rivers of the underworld.
Kibum knew all of the secrets that this man hid behind his mask of someone who worried for his troops, who worried for his people and only wanted the best for them.
He knew them all.

The deity raised his eyebrows as he took in the man before him, rounding him once. He had no idea that he was here.
And what was in store for him.
That Kibum was bringing his end.
He would not waver – he had promised this to himself. He knew that he was about to end a life, burn a string of fate that the Fates themselves have not yet cut.
And he knew that it had to be this way. That it needed to be done if he wanted these killings to stop, if he wanted to stop this madness where souls kept pouring in and had nowhere to go.
It was the punishment for the king of Ephyra.
Death – and the endless pits of Tartarus.

And the Erinyes existed to carry it out, but he fully understood now why Seunghwan had asked him for help.
He touched her arm gently, trying to calm her breathing. She was close to losing it. And if she did, she would not stop with the King alone.
She would slaughter, punishing more mortals for the crime of their monarch who were innocent. Like that boy that had helped them get in.
And Seunghwan didn’t want that. It had happened countless of times before, but this time she didn’t want to bring more people down into the underworld than necessary.
“I’m okay”, she breathed out and Kibum let her go.

“Mortal”, she spoke, her voice suddenly steady, no trace left of the previous strain.
The man in front of them flinched, whipping his head around in search for the source of the voice.
“Show yourself!”, he growled and got up, abandoning his place at the table.
Oh well, Kibum mused.
He would play along this time.
The king was glaring in the direction of the window right now, assuming it must have been someone from outside.
Well, he was a little wrong.
The deity only needed to close his eyes for a moment, letting out a small breath as he made himself visible to the mortal.
And it didn’t take long for the monarch to turn on his heels, facing him with big eyes. The endless years in his position must have taught the man to be tuned to foreign presences, gazes at him. Often enough, something small as this could save your life.
The man blinked at Kibum in disbelief.
“Who are you… how did you…”
He didn’t finish any of his questions. Instead, his eyes roamed the form of the intruder, taking in the black clothes, the black hair.
The woman with her red lips that stood next to the man who had infiltrated his chamber without any of his guards’ notice.

Realisation dawned upon him.

“Do you really need to ask?”, Kibum hummed, the faintest hint of a smirk playing on his lips.
A gasp left the monarchs’ lips, his hands trembling as awareness settled in.
Kibum snorted at that.
“Not quite”, he hummed, shrugging his narrow shoulders
“But close enough.”
He stepped closer to the mortal in front of him, who immediately sank to his knees, eyes wide open as he tried to process what was happening. The deity however took another step closer and got into a squatting position, his arms crossed over his chest as he met the mortal’s gaze.

Fear was reflecting in them.
“That’s the same look”
The mortal made a sound of bewilderment, but didn’t dare to break their eye contact.
“The same look that your soldiers have in their eyes when they realise no one burned them like they deserved it. When they have nowhere to go, not even in the underworld”, the deity started to explain.
“The same look they have when you send them to the battlefield untrained, with a sword in hand they don’t even know how to hold”
The monarch didn’t retort. Neither admitting anything nor denying it. Kibum hoped it was because he was scared to death. Pun intended.
“Only because you’re too greedy and too angry at Athens to finally lie down your weapons and ask for a peace treaty. Because you’d rather buy your wife some pearls than tell your remaining soldiers to bury your dead men.”
He watched the monarch swallow thickly before he finally found his voice
“No. That’s not true! We can win this and then Athens will be mine. These… men are my men!”, he hissed out between gritted teeth
“This is war. There is no time to bury the dead!”

The young deity felt the anger rise in his chest. Felt it like bile coming up in his throat and he had to try really hard to swallow it back down.
“They lose their lives for you and now they are damned to wander the underworld forever”
Nowhere to go.
No place where they belonged.

“You don’t understand- “, the tyrant tried again, but Kibum wouldn’t listen any longer.
This man would deserve to be punished by all three Erinyes. Murder, Anger and Jealousy were glued to his every move, spilling more and more blood.
“You are right. I don’t”
The black haired god closed his eyes.
He felt the power that Jonghyun always told him about flowing through his veins. Felt it burn hot and searing. Felt how it flickered in rhythm with his heartbeat.
A small blue flame ignited itself in his hand, but it quickly grew into an azure coloured blaze that would not hesitate to destroy anything Kibum wanted it to.

He was still crouched down, but it didn’t really matter.
The man watched in horror as the fire had grown, the flame that would consume his life and judge him.
“No more”, the deity whispered and brought his hand to the man’s face, gripping him right above the eyes.

He didn’t scream.
There was not a single sound coming from his mouth that was hanging wide open as the fire ate him inside out.
When Kibum retreated his hand, the monarch’s body was unscathed, but the life in his eyes had dulled.
Burned out.
There was a tiny light in his palm however which he kept in his grip.

He straightened his back, looking at the Erinye that was still panting a little.
“It’s done”
“It is”, Seunghwan answered, offering him a small smile before she walked up to him and accepted the soul from her Master. She knew what to do with it and the knowledge caused a small smirk to play on her lips.
They took a last look around before they made their way back, leaving a king to rot in his own chamber.


Kibum couldn’t wait till he would finally be home.
He urged Vanity on, making her travel faster through the shadows, bringing them back. He knew that he didn’t need to wait for Seunghwan, she would be fine on her own.
Would probably need some time to recharge.
After she had tended to the soul that is…

But now that King Sisyphus was no more, the city state of Ephyra would finally settle again. They had a very promising prince and Kibum could only hope that he would not follow the footsteps of his father.
But for now, it was not of his concern anymore. Meddling with the mortals wasn’t really his business to begin with, but there were these times where they had to step in.
And so he had.
And now there was only one thing in his mind that he needed to take care of. Wanted to deal with immediately, as his perpetual headache had finally cleared a bit.
It would take a while till the young soldiers would stop turning up without coins, but alone the knowledge of it made him feel better.
At ease.

Jonghyun was not in the main hall, but he hadn’t really expected him to be. As Kibum knew him, he was probably in his chamber, brooding over something.
Worrying over him, perhaps. Or most certainly.
That was why he made his way through the hallways that led him further down, along countless of doors that he had never opened until now, and from which not even Jonghyun probably knew what was inside.
It was not important now anyway.

The only thing that mattered was his desire to see his beloved and persuade him to indulge in some private time.
And with ‘persuade’ him he actually meant seducing him.
Kibum knew that Jonghyun had no way of saying no to him anyway.

The spring god didn’t knock but opened the door without further notice. He knew that the brunet was on the other side as he had expected it, feeling his presence clearly and unmistakably.
The prospect of what was about to happen had his heart jumping in his chest in anticipation, and the way his hands quivered in the slightest way was maddeningly sweet.
Jonghyun was there, sitting on his chair, but as soon as he realised who had strutted in did he get up

Said male smirked as he grabbed the collar of his lover’s tunic, fisting it tightly before he pressed the elder against the hard surface of the wall next to the wooden door.
In a matter of seconds had he pushed his body flush against Jonghyun’s, one of his thighs located between the brunet’s, slowly and teasingly rubbing against the other’s groin with practiced ease.
His face was pressed close to the elder’s neck, taking in his unique scent that immediately caused him to hum in contentment.
It was intoxicating.
And Kibum just wanted to let go and indulge in what they had.

A single gasp left Jonghyun’s throat and then could the younger feel the other’s hands come around his waist, pulling him against the elder in a desperate movement.
The grin had never left his face, not even when his lover’s warm palms slid down his body, over his lower back and to his firm buttocks.
Not even when they squeezed his bum and all he wanted to do was let out a moan of approval.
He kept it in place.

“I think we need to make up for lost time”

Kibum dove in to devour Jonghyun’s lips.

(*) Ephyra – a city state of Ancient Greece, later ‘Corinth’
(**) Zyphyr – the god of the west wind

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Inferna [Chi]

>Chapter: Chi<

It was a new feeling for him.
Or perhaps, new wasn’t the correct word. He had felt like this before, but it had been so many seasons that it seemed like aeons ago since Jonghyun had felt this free. Liberated.
There was no buzzing sound in the back of the brunet’s mind, no voices that kept on pestering him, throwing insults at the lord of the dead.
Instead, there was a comforting silence.

Jonghyun could lay back, enjoy the solitude that was surrounding him right now. He did not have to keep his guard up, did not have to concentrate to drown out the noises in his head.
They were just gone.
And that was simply amazing.
In such a short amount of time – only a few moons might have passed – had Kibum grown that much stronger. Stable.
The brunet remembered his beginnings in vivid images. His memories still felt fresh from the days where he had been absolutely overwhelmed with everything.
The god had not known how to handle his new powers, heck, he didn’t even know what his powers were. What limits he had, what he could do and what he could not do.
Everything had been a mystery to him.
There was no one who guided him through his tasks. Jonghyun had to grow into it.
Had to cope.
And that fast.

So, maybe, it wasn’t even that much of a miracle that Kibum had grown into his new role faster than he had before. Jonghyun had been there to explain things after all.
And on top of that, the younger deity had not been under time pressure, as the brunet was already in charge and even if he didn’t get the hang of everything immediately nothing would happen.
But the now raven haired spring god didn’t want to lack behind.
That was another feature that Jonghyun adored with his lover.
The stubbornness. The will to succeed and walk his own path.
And well, now here they were.
Stronger than ever.
With now two gods reigning over the dark pits of Tartarus, the radiant fields of Elysium and the dull realm of the underworld itself.

And it was only thanks to that that Jonghyun could be here right now.
It was only thanks to Kibum who was watching his back and taking care of things in their realm that he could go and enjoy some time off.
Like on sacred festival days the mortals celebrated for the gods where many humans did not have to work in order to be able to fully concentrate on the divine rituals, which were supposed to grant them prosperity and health.
Or, anything they wished for.
Sometimes the gods granted wishes after all. But it all depended on the sacrifice – if you were able to honour the gods in the right way – or if a deity had taken a particular liking to you.
Then that human could count himself lucky.
However… the fates of Favoured were usually tragic.

“Are you thinking about Kibum?”, Jonghyun blinked as Hunchul’s voice got him out of his trance. The brunet hadn’t even realised that he had been gazing into nothingness, but count on the god of metalwork to catch you off guard in that exact moment then.
A grumble left him and the elder couldn’t help but cross his arms over his chest.
“Just stop that”, the brunet hummed, but that only earned him a loud cackle from the other.

Of course.
That’s what friends are for after all, right?
To make you feel miserable and kick you when you are already squirming, beaten to the ground.

Hunchul just kept on snickering before he stretched, arms up high. A big smile was plastered on his friend’s face and a heartbeat later the god dropped backwards, lying sprawled out in the grass of the meadow they had met on.
It was summer, and the golden rays of Apollo’s sun were tickling their faces, creating a very comfortable atmosphere for their small get together.
It had been a while.
They had both been busy.
Jonghyun and Kibum had had to deal with some obstreperous folk again, though, looking back, it had been a very good opportunity for Kibum to practice and get a hang of things.

“You’re so whipped”, came Hunchul’s voice again and Jonghyun couldn’t do anything else but shrug. The lord of the underworld knew that the younger god was right.
He was whipped.
The brunet hummed, walking over the three steps until he was next to his friend before plopping down, sitting cross-legged.
“What if I am?”, he pressed
“Nothing”, Hunchul answered immediately
“It was merely an observation. How is he doing by the way?”
The black haired’s eyes were still closed, seemingly enjoying the warm light on his face.
Well, Jonghyun couldn’t hold that against the other – it was indeed a very pleasant warmth.
“He is doing well”
The god of metal work nodded at that
“That’s good”, the younger hummed after a small moment
“Yeah”, Jonghyun started, “He is a fast learner. It’s kind of amazing and overwhelming at the same time how fast he can pick up on things. It’s like he had another secret teacher. I can’t… really explain it”
The elder’s start had been far rougher.
“Well, I guess it’s because he watched you closely. You showed him your work before, right? Your realm.”
The brunet hummed in agreement.
That was actually possible. Perhaps, that was really the reason how the young spring god could adapt so easily to his new position.
His new tasks.
Additional ones at that as he was not stripped off his powers concerning the season of spring.
“Maybe.”, was all he had to say for a while then.
He rather wanted to enjoy the silence for the time being. The utter quietness that was in his mind caused him to feel an inner peace that he had missed dearly.
But Kibum was giving him so much back.
“Anyway”, Hunchul rose, now in a sitting position and facing the god of the dead.
“He seems to be very talented and hardworking, That’s for sure”
“He is”, Jonghyun spoke with pride in his voice. The elder’s lover was amazing.
 “Otherwise, he might have not been able to kick you out of your own home to take some time off, eh?”
And there he went again.
Jonghyun felt a small blush appear on his cheeks as the raven haired god started laughing loudly, smacking his own thigh in the process.
“You should have seen your face!”, he continued
“When you popped up here, with your eyes wide after Kibum kicked you out! Priceless!”

Jonghyun huffed.
It had not been funny. Not in his opinion at least.
It had been rather traumatising. When you wake up in the morning, cuddling closer to your lover only to be shoved off a heartbeat later.
And to make it worse, said lover kicks you out of your bed and tells you not to come back for a while as he wanted you to rest and… test his own abilities.
Jonghyun had been reluctant at first.
The brunet could not predict how hard it would be on the other if he took over the reins completely. But his younger lover had only rolled his eyes at him and scowled.
Which had been his cue to leave.
If Kibum wanted to do something, you better step back and let him do it.
These were one of the first things he had ever learned about the now black haired spring god.

“You know”, Hunchul started again after he had calmed down from his fit of laughter
“Most of us up there are really amused by the whole thing”
Jonghyun tilted his head, brows raised.
Well… that was not really what he expected the other Olympians to be. In fact, he had guessed they would mostly be enraged.
They were not fond of him after all. Or at least, didn’t care for him.
So this didn’t really make a lot of sense to him.
“Well, Zeus didn’t really bring it up. Neither a good nor a bad word. But I guess that is something?”
The brunet couldn’t help but agree.
Minho had not approached him again since that day of the confrontation, but from what he heard from his lover he had at least approached the younger.
And that was a start.
Jonghyun had waited aeons. He could wait for a few more seasons.
“But I think others seem to be on your side. Mostly. From what I have gathered of course. I mean, they were surprised. But it seemed to be pleasant surprise, if you get what I mean?”
Jonghyun just shrugged.
This was kind of new.
But he would accept it for now.
There was nothing he could do anyway. And if they were friendly, then he would be grateful for that.

“Except… well that won’t be a surprise”, Hunchul snickered loudly and the elder already knew what was coming now.
That kind of was a sure shot.
“Hyosung”, Jonghyun finished his friend’s sentence and the god of metal work nodded
“Of course. Demeter is still bitter about you and Kibum.”
The brunet could only shrug his shoulders at that. He was not someone to expect miracles. In a way, he had a feeling that Demeter would never forgive him.
Would never look at him again with warm eyes or, at least, accept his presence.
She was the one to hold the worst grudges.
Once you upset her, you would never have a good harvest again. Many mortals that came to his realm over the rivers of the underworld had proven that to him in their lamentations.
Jonghyun knew it all.
Has heard it all.

And every word, every moan has burned itself into his memory.

He could only hope that Kibum would be able to cope with it.
But as the other had a strong personality, a strong will and a good heart, the brunet knew that the spring god wouldn’t give up and wouldn’t allow anything to pull him down.

“We’ve got company”, Hunchul snickered and before Jonghyun could even realise what was happening, as he was once again immersed in his inner monologues, did a loud pop echo through the grassy clearing they were resting at.
The flapping sounds of wings reached his ears and sure enough had Taemin appeared right in front of them, stretching all four limps into the air.
His junctions popped and then the messenger deity was grinning down at them.
Jonghyun smiled back, raising his hand in a small greeting.
“Hey!”, the black haired god sounded cheerful, happier than the brunet had heard him in a very long time.
Perhaps, they will really be okay.

The feathered shoes carried him over and a heartbeat later Taemin landed on the meadow in a graceful way, wings folding up themselves, before he drops down to sit with his friends.
“It’s been a while”, he greeted them and Hunchul reached out to pat the other deity’s back
“It’s because you are always so busy”, he chuckled, a playful glint in his eyes
“Oh, I know. You gods just use me! And I also have my own things to take care of. But does anyone care? No”
The black haired rolled his eyes, yet both of his elder friends could tell he was only joking around.
Though, thinking about it, Jonghyun mused that being Hermes must really be exhausting.
Travelling, carrying messages, looking after the mortals that need him.
Listening to prayers like all of them.
It could be quite a hassle. And Jonghyun acknowledged that.

“Oh, suck it up”, Hunchul burst out laughing and Taemin only started to pout in return.
Jonghyun found himself smiling.
Yet again, he wondered when he had felt this free. Like the world was less complicated than it really was.
“We all have to carry our burdens”, he chimed in but both his friends throw him a glare, before they crossed their arms simultaneously
“Says the right one”, the god of metal work retorted
“You have Kibum to help with carrying your burden. You can lay back and relax, as your darling is taking care of things for you”, Taemin snickered, and the Cheshire grin that was directed at Jonghyun sent shivers down the brunet’s spine.
“It’s not like that”, he immediately protested and glared back at them.
Why did they always team up against him?

“We know”, Taemin hummed and let himself drop into the fresh grass
“We are just teasing you”
“I know”, Jonghyun smiled.
But still.
Always being on the receiving side could be frustrating. But he didn’t say anything. The god of the underworld felt far too content.
“You know”, Taemin spoke up and came back to a sitting position. His eyes locked with the elder’s and Jonghyun could see worry in them.
“Demeter… I think… she is planning something”
The brunet blinked, bewilderment clearly written all over his face.

The messenger god nodded.
“I’m sure of it. And she learned to be more secretive now. Jonghyun… I’m telling you to be careful”
The eldest bit his lower lip.
These were dire news… news, which he didn’t know how to deal with yet. They were speculations, yes, but he could see where Taemin was coming from after all.
“She knows that we are friends. The story with Peitho made her wary of me. She stopped using me for messages. I might not be able to help you the next time..”, the younger trailed off, eyes falling shut.
A loud sigh left the black haired god then, before he focused on his friend again.
“If I get my hands on any kind of information, you can count on me. But I might not be able to”

Jonghyun was left speechless.
The brunet was still trying to process the fact that Taemin had called them friends again and promised him to help in any way he could.
“Thank you”, he breathed out, barely above a whisper.
But the other seemed to have caught it as Taemin smiled back at him.
“Don’t thank me yet. Something could happen to you or Kibum and I might not be able to help you at all.”, the younger shrugged his shoulders
“We don’t know what she is going to do”

“Maybe you two are being paranoid.”, Hunchul joined their conversation, eyes furrowed in doubt
“Perhaps, she finally learned her lesson. If you two keep being suspicious, you might ruin more than you gain”
The god of metal work has always had an easy way of thinking.
This did not make him stupid.
Far from it.
Hunchul often saw a simple way around things, while others were stuck thinking too complicated. Metal needed strength and patience.
It did not need a complex way of thinking. And sometimes, simplicity was what everyone needed.

But this time, Jonghyun was not sure if he could agree.

He opted for that.
Taemin could be right. Demeter could be up to something, planning his demise or whatever she wanted to achieve.
Yet, there was the possibility that they were over-thinking things. Jonghyun even wanted to believe that.
But a small voice in the back of his mind told him that his life would never be so simple.
That she would not rest until she had at least tried again, even if their animosity would last for all eternity.
Taemin to his left only shrugged his shoulders again.
The three of them could only speculate after all.

For a while, no one said anything. They enjoyed the silence that had ensued until Hunchul got back on his feet.
“I have to get going”, he said with his raspy and deep voice. His hand came up to kneed his shoulder, before he stretched both of his arms
“I see you around. If I hear anything, you can count on me”
Jonghyun nodded, feeling grateful.
Both Taemin and him raised their hand in their usual greeting and then they hear a loud whizzing sound, as if hot metal has been plunged into ice water, and Hephaestus was gone, the grass burned where he had been standing only a heartbeat ago.

Taemin sighed again.
Jonghyun felt the same.
They had met here on the meadow to relax and have an easy talk, but the mood had turned gloomy.
Both of them had gotten up on their feet by now, intending to leave as well.
Jonghyun felt a small tug in his chest.
He figured that this was Kibum telling him that it was okay to come back home. They were connected by the underworld now after all.

“As much as I want to believe Hunchul, I think he is wrong this time”
The elder nodded.
“I know. I think so too. I don’t… trust Hyosung anymore. I can’t. I wish I could say she would at least never harm Kibum, but…”
Taemin grimaced
“She proved us otherwise”, the messenger god filled in.

The wind tousled their locks as they locked gazes again.
“Be careful”, Taemin’s wings had unfolded again, bringing him up into the air. The younger reached out, his hand squeezing the other’s arm firmly.
“See you around”
“See you”, Jonghyun closed his eyes, exhaling loudly through his nose as the familiar pop sound announced Taemin’s leave.

Even though the god of the underworld was unsettled by the news, he also felt a little better.
Taemin and him… were back on good terms.
Like the time before Jongin’s death.
For a moment did the deity close his eyes and concentrated as his mind reached out into the darkest corners of the realm of the dead only to find… nothing.
A sigh.
Jongyhun opened his eyes again. There was nothing he could do.
Yerim had not contacted him again either.
So maybe she was handling things just fine for the time being.

At least…
Jonghyun had his friend back.
Taemin and Hunchul were the two other deities, the two Olympians, he would trust his life with. He knew they would not betray him.
The brunet just knew.

The tug in his chest grew stronger and Jonghyun couldn’t fight the chuckle that left his throat a heartbeat later.
“Fine, fine”, he hummed
“I’m coming home”
His golden orbs focused on the shadow of the nearest tree, long and dark thanks to the sun nearing the western mountain range.

This would do.

Kibum’s presence in his mind feels like a steady rhythm. Jonghyun had never been able to explain how he could feel the Erinyes, Seulgi and Yerim through their connection of the dark realm, but he knew exactly which rhythm, which vibration, represented who.
The same went for his lover.
Only that it felt more vivid, stronger…

He pictured his lover in his mind, black locks, pink lips drawn into a beautiful smile.
It was easy for him.
One, two, three steps and the darkness surrounded him, letting him travel back home in the blink of an eye.
When he opened his orbs again he is back in the great hall, standing next to the stone throne where Kibum was sitting upon, eyes speaking of his exhaustion.

When the younger noticed his presence his face gained some colour again and there is a small smile playing on his lips.
“Yah!”, he huffed
“Where have you been. I’ve been trying to reach you for aeons”
Jonghyun could only grin.
“Sorry”, he whispered and felt his heart skip a beat when the spring god leaned his head against his chest, obviously tired from bearing the tasks alone.

“Next time, I won’t keep waiting for you to show up”, the younger muttered, before he straightened his back again.
Jonghyun knew that it was hard on the other. Keeping everything in check. Keeping your own powers under control that you still weren’t fully familiar with.
And if Jonghyun didn’t come back in time the spring god’s concentration could break – willingly or unwillingly – and the brunet really didn’t want to know what would happen then.
They had never tried.
Had always handled this connection… their tasks with care.
Would everything just overwhelm him like a giant wave?
Or instead, chaos might ensue for as long as they didn’t get their concentration back in check.

He really didn’t want to know, Jonghyun mused.
So he would better be more punctual next time.

They entwined their hands and with that simple action the solitude in his mind came to an abrupt end.
The buzzing noise is back and voices and sounds suddenly fill his head, uttering words or unrecognisable parts of them.
Yet, it’s not as bad as it was before.
Since they started carrying this weight together… it’s almost…bearable.
Kibum sighed in relief and came back up to a standing position, his hands grabbing Jonghyun’s collar to kiss him on the lips with lingering passion.

They parted, lips slightly swollen as Kibum smirked up at him.
“I told you that you don’t have to-“
“Oh shut up”, the spring god nudged him, interrupting him in the middle of his ‘you really don’t have to do this. I can do it alone. I have for aeons and I don’t want to burden you’ speech.
Jonghyun knew that his lover had enough of that.

At least did the younger not protest when Jonghyun grabbed his hand again, squeezing it lightly.
“Thanks for today”, he grinned at the other who rolled his eyes, but showed a smile a heartbeat later
“Never mind it. This realm is mine to. I have to look after it”
“Yeah”, Jonghyun smiled back, feeling at peace.

For a moment, all thoughts of Demeter left his mind.
For a moment, all that he thought about was his friends and family, Kibum and the Erinyes, Seulgi, Yerim
For a moment, everything was okay.

Because he was home, and the underworld was where he belonged.

>Chapter Chi: END<

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Inferna (PHI)

by SadisticSinner on aff

>Chapter: PHI<

Jonghyun blushed when the Erinyes looked at him with a knowing smirk.
Kibum had been quite exhausted and he had accompanied him to his chamber, where the spring god had lain down for an early night.
The brunet however still had business to tend to that he had neglected over the day. He had been impulsive… going up to Olympus like that and confronting Minho and Hyosung…
Closing his eyes, he tried to drown out the giggles from his shadow creatures. With only little success.

In the end, the outcome was worth all the trouble he went through. Because Kibum and him were… Finally on the same page.

It takes him until the next sunrise to finally come to terms with it. To get it into his head that Kibum was openly reciprocating his feelings now.
And there was another thing, the one concerning Minho and Hyosung. It was crystal clear that Demeter had no intention of coming around or even apologising. But Zeus… he was something else. He had apologised.
Although it was mainly directed at the spring god and not at him.
It seemed like all hope wasn’t lost yet.

He had been sitting on his throne for most of the night, indulging in thoughts of his own and those of the dead. Listening, accepting and letting go.
Seunghwan had been the one to keep him company through the night. She had plopped down next to the stone structure, resting her head against the cold surface.
They didn’t speak.
But Jonghyun found solace in another presence.

“Do you think you can forgive him?”
The brunet came back from his inner world, opening his eyes. Had the night already passed by? Sometimes he just lost track of time.
“I don’t know”, he answered
“I understand”
“It’s not just what he did to me, it’s also-“
“Kibum. We know”, the Erinye of punishment rolled her eyes.
“Sometimes you are really unbearable. He is all you think about”, she teased, her bright red lips pulled into a grin.
Jonghyun grumbled, but didn’t give her any more reasons to giggle. He kept his face as stoic as possible.
“They all don’t treat me like one of them anymore. I have been named an Olympian before, but I have been denounced of that. They all don’t want me among them. It’s not just Minho and Hyosung. The only one from us original six who does not look reluctant to shake my hand is Jinki. Yeah, and you know how they treated Kibum-“
Jonghyun stopped as he realised that his thoughts had drifted over to the blonde spring god yet again.
A smirk played on Seunghwan’s lips.

He wanted to whine but he stopped when he saw Kibum sauntering into the great hall, rubbing his eyes.
“Good morning”, he said instead and welcomed the younger with a hug. The deity had none of that however, but instead brought their lips together in a short kiss, sitting down on his lap and leaning against his chest.
“Morning”, he yawned

Jonghyun is still amazed about the whole turn of events. Never would he have thought that he would be allowed to do that. There was no repulsion in those hazel eyes he came to admire so much.
Their kiss only lasted for a few seconds but it made the Erinye whistle next to them.
“Oh, shut up!”, Jonghyun roared and earned yet another snicker in return.
Sometimes he wondered if he really was the one in charge down here.
“I thought this was what you have always wanted?”, he tilted his head, facing his lover who had spoken up. The blonde was grinning up at him.
Oh no. Not him too.
“It is”, he retorted without hesitation. He could just live without the Erinyes making fun of him. The rest was absolutely perfect in his opinion.
Kibum’s smile widened
“Well, then you need to live with that now”

“I will”, he smiled back.


The season of harvest had passed by in a blur and it seemed as if so much had changed, yet was still the same. It was simply astonishing.
They had been growing closer before, but everything could only be labelled as ‘almost’. ‘Almost lovers’,’ almost allies’. But now… they had finally crossed that border.

There was no ‘almost’ anymore. They simply were.

Jonghyun barely spent time in his own room anymore. He rather opted for the spring god’s chambers. The scent of the many plants and blossoms he cultivated gave off a very pleasant smell, and of course he loved to spend time with his lover.
He gladly abandoned his quiet chamber for the sunrays, the flowers and Kibum’s warmth. He found himself falling asleep more easily, no dreams coming to haunt him when he could hold the spring god at night.
And Kibum openly searched for his touch, intertwined their hands together over his stomach when the brunet spooned the younger during their sleep.
Jonghyun figured that evenings and nights were his favourite part of the day by now as it meant to be close to his lover.

Still… there was something nagging at the back of his mind that had just grown stronger over the passing season. A need that was urging him to take action, but until now he had forsaken it.
The brunet found himself watching the blonde more and more often. Each time he noticed that the thoughts he harboured grew more urgent and more graphic. It was selfish of him.
For once, he actually understood the other deities who fooled around with mortals and immortals alike. Were they feeling the same desire for the person they laid their eyes upon? There had been a time when Jonghyun had been more careless, more carefree.
When he had fooled around himself, but nothing had felt like what he was experiencing now.
This inner pull and the utter need with which his fingers were twitching sometimes.
But this had been so long ago… back then when he wore white and their mother figure had still walked among them.
Before his life had changed.

Who would be willing to share the bed with the lord of the underworld? No mortal or any deity there was.
Kibum… was his exception.
The one who made his heart beat faster, who managed to steal his breath away with each broad smile.
And ever since he had first caught sight of the spring god all those seasons ago, he hadn’t thought of anyone else in that context. Perhaps, that was just another reason why the other deities avoided him.
Jonghyun was just too different from them.

The brunet let out a sigh, taking in the marvellous view they had from Kibum’s chamber. Taking in the mountainside, the forest that seemed so bare without the green tree crowns.
 Two arms suddenly snaked around his neck from behind, and that caused him to tense up.

He immediately relaxed however, when Kibum’s scent invaded his senses and the blonde pressed a gentle kiss on his cheek.
Jonghyun shifted on the chair he was seated upon, turning his head to gaze into warm hazel.
“Hey”, he grinned a little and let out a sound of surprise when his lover grinned at him, rounded the chair and straddled him.
“You’re looking gloomy”, the younger tilted his head and seized him up.
Why was the blonde this observant?

“Did something happen on your trip? Are the Aeolians acting up again?”
Jonghyun smiled a little. The other really remembered everything. And yes that particular folk had given him countless headaches in the past season.
“No. I’m fine.”
“Are you sure? We can share if you want”, Kibum offered without hesitation and took Jonghyun’s hand in his own. The elder didn’t open up the link however.
There was nothing to share.
“No, really”, the brunet squeezed his lovers hand lovingly
“There is nothing to worry about”, he promised and Kibum let out a sigh.
“It’s not Yerim either?”
He shook his head.
Another sigh.

“Then what is it?”, the blonde pressed and Jonghyun found himself chuckling at how impatient the spring god was growing. He hated not knowing.
Just to prove his theory, Kibum leaned in and captured his lips in a short kiss, pouting when they pulled apart.
“Tell me? What are you thinking about?”
The brunet brought his arms around his lover and squeezed him gently.
“You”, he answered bluntly.
The blonde blinked, obviously a little taken aback.
Then he nudged the other and rolled his eyes.
“I don’t believe you. But okay. If you don’t want to tell me then-“, he couldn’t finish his sentence as the elder sealed their lips for yet another time.

This one is not as gentle as the one before.
No, Jonghyun pressed forward, coaxing the other’s mouth open, bringing their tongues together in a hungry kiss that spoke of everything that was running through his mind.
Every push and every pull, every peck, nibble and slight bite.
They gave Kibum an idea about what exactly had been on the brunet’s mind. Three heartbeats later they broke apart – the blonde’s face flushed red from their heated kissing.
Jonghyun couldn’t help but grin, before he attached his mouth to the younger’s neck, nibbling down and invisible trail.
“I was thinking about you”, he breathed, biting down slightly a heartbeat later, “Believe me now?”
His lover hummed in what seemed to be approval and Jonghyun felt the other pressing just a little closer.
“Your face didn’t look like you were thinking about… this”, Kibum retorted then and the elder sighed, bringing their foreheads together
“I wanted to stop thinking about it”, he admitted
“Why?”, came the blonde’s imminent reply

Jonghyun licked his lips.
“Bum… you have been sexually harassed. I think this is really not the time to think about consuming our love”
Kibum grumbled and that caught the elder a little off guard.
“Why are you deciding over my head?”, the younger complained “I thought we were over this? I am my own person, I know what I want to do and what I can’t do”
Jonghyun had to admit that he was right.
“I’m sorry”, he said immediately and pressed a chaste kiss to the other’s lips
“But still… you have been attacked…”
“Almost three seasons ago”, Kibum interrupted him before he could continue with his speech
“It’s been almost three seasons Jonghyun. Almost a whole moon since father apologised…. And I know you are not Peitho, neither anyone who I am afraid of”, the younger told him, cradling his face between his palms
Jonghyun on the other hand was a little stunned, staring back into those hazel eyes that looked at him with absolute resolution.

It seemed like he was yet again over-thinking stuff.
There was an unuttered challenge written all over the younger’s face and the brunet found himself unable to yield.
He could only accept and confront him with the same absolution.

Jonghyun steadied his grip on the other, using his strength to take his lover with him when he stood up. The younger’s eyes widened for a split second, before he wrapped his legs around the elder’s middle for better purchase.
Lips meet again for a heated kiss and Kibum all but smirks, pulling at the brunet’s bottom lip and letting it snap back.
“What if Taemin suddenly pops in?”, Jonghyun asks, amusement evident on his face
“Then he better pops out just as fast”

The brunet couldn’t agree more as he pressed their mouths together yet again, manoeuvring them over to the blonde’s bed, where the woollen covers caught them once they let themselves fall.
Jonghyun grinned, all of his previous fears pushed to the back of his mind now as he hovered above his lover.

Kibum was smiling up at him, lying on top of the woollen covers, with a sincere smile on his face, and it seemed absolutely unreal to the elder. He had a hard time wrapping his head around this.
That it was really happening, that Kibum willingly let him this close.
The spring deity’s blonde locks were sprawled over the sheep skins that were littered over his bed, both seeming so soft and fluffy.
Jonghyun found himself mesmerised all over again, taking in every patch of skin, every dip, every mole he found.
How the simple black tunic that the other wore was in a perfect contrast to the other light tones that symbolised Kibum.
His hair, his fair skin, his hazel eyes.

“Jonghyun”, came a soft whisper and said male knew that he had been staring.
He offered an apologetic smile, before he reached out, gently taking the golden bracers from the younger’s arms.
The brunet placed them at the end of the bed, successfully moving them out of the way.
When he turned back around, Kibum had sat up and used his fingers to open up the belt around his middle.
Jonghyun let him do, keeping his eyes on the younger as he discarded said belt, and also when he opened the brooches that held his chiton together on his right shoulder.
Both items landed on the floor and the light cloth fell off his shoulders, revealing his toned torso underneath.

The blonde licked his lips unconsciously and just a heartbeat later he had pulled the elder back on top of him, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.
Kibum was bolder than Jonghyun would have guessed.
The younger nibbled on his bottom lip, not asking for entrance, but demanding it. The elder gave in anyway and let their tongues meet in a wet dance.
The brunet couldn’t keep his hands still however, and so he mimicked his lover’s actions, opening up the belt and the brooch that held the dark tunic in place.
In this position, it was easy for him to unfold the piece of clothing, leaving Kibum bare except for his lower linen loin cloth.
The elder broke the kiss, both of them gasping for a second before he attached his lips to Kibum’s jaw, kissing down an invisible trail that went along his neck, down to his collarbones.
His lover’s small noises were music to his ears and Jonghyun wondered what other noises he might be able to entice from the younger.
He wanted to hear them all.

He wanted to be the one to cause them, wanted to bring Kibum over the edge.
Watch him while he lost himself and came undone.

The thought alone made his own arousal throb with need.
But he had to hold back.
They were going to take this slow. Take all the time they needed.
Because if someone had indeed no reason to feel rushed by the time that was ending the life of mortals, then it was them. The gods who enjoyed the blessing and the damnation that was immortality.

His hands travelled up the younger’s side, feeling every tremor and every tremble. It was fascinating. So utterly mesmerising.
Jonghyun wished he could keep his eyes on his lover, but he was rather busy at the moment.
His tongue and teeth had left their marks on the other’s shoulder junction, where he planted three or four purplish love bites on the pale skin of the spring god.
Jonghyun hadn’t really counted.
He found that when you were indulging in such activities nothing else mattered than the pleasure of your lover and your own.
And right now, he just wanted Kibum to moan out his name.

His wish was granted as soon as he brought his warm mouth around one of the blonde’s nubs, his teeth scratching it gently and his tongue flicking the hardening nipple without mercy.
Jonghyun’s fingers were doing the same to Kibum’s other nub, teasing it when he brushed his thumb over it in circling motions.
“ah… J-Jong…”
The spring god buried his hand in the elder’s brown locks, pulling and scratching his scalp each time his ministrations sent an electric jolt down his body.
He was panting, gasping for air as the pleasure was slowly manifesting in his body.
Jonghyun felt how the younger was bucking his hips up slightly, trying to bring their groins together in a desperate attempt to create friction.
Showing mercy, the brunet let go of the younger’s nipple with a last flick of his tongue and a languid kiss.

Kibum hissed, glaring at him as he was obviously displeased. But Jonghyun wasn’t going to give in that easily. At least not all the time.
His hand that was still busy on the blonde’s chest continued to draw lazy circles around the other’s dusky nub, causing the younger to shiver in pleasure from time to time.
It was a sight to behold.
Jonghyun never wanted to miss this ever again. This view… the feeling of his own heart hammering in his chest, so loud that he barely heard his own breathing.
The feeling of arousal that surged through his veins and searched for relief.

It was overwhelming and so, so good.

Kibum was still glaring at him, eyes slightly narrowed. And if his chest wouldn’t be heaving like this, if he wouldn’t be mewling out from time to time when Jonghyun’s thumb flicked over his nipple, he might have been a little intimidated.
Yet, it was clear that Kibum wanted him to go on. And that he wouldn’t say ‘please’. But the brunet didn’t want this to go this way anyway.
Slow yes, but it shouldn’t be painfully slow.

He withdrew his hand, allowing Kibum to catch his breath for a moment. Then his eyes darted down to the younger’s crotch.
“It’s okay.”, he heard his lover’s voice urge him on
“You can take it off”
Jonghyun lifted his gaze and let his golden orbs meet with hazel ones. Kibum had been glaring at him before, but now his look held an entirely different emotion.

Kibum was not scared. He was sure about what they were doing, about what they were about to do. Jonghyun nodded and then slowly undid the other’s loin cloth.
The younger lifted his bum slightly, so the elder could pull it out from underneath him and drop it on the floor.
“Don’t stare like that”, the blonde complained when Jonghyun had yet again frozen up, too occupied with taking in everything that was his to conquer.
“Sorry”, he whispered out, lifting up one of Kibum’s legs and pressing a kiss on the inside of the blonde’s thigh.
The younger inhaled deeply, but made no movement of repulsion.
The brunet let it sink in, the feeling of this soft skin against his lips, of knowing that he had the younger’s consent to continue.
To do whatever he wanted.
His fingers wrapped around Kibum’s manhood, pumping him in languid motions. Easy up and downs, offering the blonde a small relief.
“Hmmm~”, small mewls started to drip from his lover’s lips and Jonghyun drank them in greedily, feeling his own body heat up with every ‘ah’ and every ‘hng’.
Knowing that it was him doing this to the younger drove him wild. Jonghyun felt his control slipping away, felt how his desire wanted to take control and please his own needs, but he withstood.
He pushed it back, refusing to let go.
Refusing to let their love making turn into a feverish act of plain fucking.

Kibum was worth so much more than that.

“U-under the bed”
“Hm?”, Jonghyun raised his head from where he was nibbling on the soft flesh of Kibum’s thigh, his hand still taking care of his lover’s cock.
“There is… “
The brunet tilted his head, but he decided to just have a look himself. Without stopping his movements, he leaned over the bed frame, using his other hand to fish for whatever Kibum had mentioned.
Eventually, his fingers wrapped around something that felt like a vial and when he retrieved said item it turned out to be a small fictile pot.
Upon closer inspection, Jonghyun found some thick, oily substance in it.
Was this…
“Where did you get that?”, the elder couldn’t help but ask, directing his gaze on his lover who was writhing upon the sheep skins, jerking every time the brunet let his thump glide over the tip of his length.
“A-angh”, the blonde opened his mouth, but only moans escaped him at first, before he took a deep breath and used his knee to shove the other a little with an annoyed glare
“N-not important now! Go on!”

Jonghyun snickered and figured that Kibum was right there.
It really wasn’t important right now. How it got here and where it came from. He could ask about that later.
Besides, he was actually really grateful to these ominous circumstances.
The brunet placed the small pot on the woollen mattress, finally letting go of the other’s manhood.
Kibum whined at the loss of contact but they both knew that something far better was heading their way.
Something that they could enjoy together, joined as one.

Another quick look to make sure that the younger was on the same page, and he slid in his first digit after coating it in the oily substance.
It was hot, so warm and damn tight.
Jonghyun nearly came from the sole imagination of his own cock being squeezed like that instead of his finger.
“It’s okay”, the younger whispered, eyes closed to focus on the pleasure his lover would soon bring him
“Go on”
Kibum didn’t look like he was in pain, and so another finger was added. He began to slowly thrust them inside his lover, the oil making everything a little easier.
Jonghyun took his sweet time, only adding a third when he was absolutely sure that the younger was ready.
Three digits seemed to be uncomfortable, but Kibum assured him that he could deal with it. The blonde’s knuckles were turning white as he gripped the woollen tufts, his legs quivering with need each time Jonghyun brought his fingers a little deeper, coming so close to Kibum’s spot but never fully satisfying the need.
“I-I’m ready”
The elder had to tear his eyes away from the delicious sight in front of him.
Watching his fingers disappear and re-appear in his own lazy rhythm was tantalising and so utterly arousing.
Jonghyun’s free hand squeezed his lover’s thigh, placing a loving kiss on Kibum’s hipbone, before he leaned in, coming face to face with the other.
“Are you sure?”

The brunet’s golden orbs took in the spring god’s features. Sweat was rolling down his forehead, his eye blown with lust and need.
“I am sure”
There was no hesitation.

Jonghyun sealed their lips together, all sweet and tender with no tongue involved.
“I love you”, he whispered and the smile he got in return almost made him lose control. Almost.
“Kibum… I… I want you to rule with me”
The blonde let out a shaky breath, obviously fighting with the pleasure and the bliss that was clouding his senses.
Jonghyun continued anyway.
“I want you to rule with me. Sit on the throne with me. Be my equal in power and sovereignty.”
He wanted Kibum to reign with him.
The underworld. Share everything he had with the other.

For a moment, the younger was speechless. But then the other’s eyes softened and he wrapped his arms around the brunet’s neck
“Okay”, he breathed out
“But it’s a heavy burden. I would understand if you say no”,  Jonghyun continued on regardless, completely ignoring the blonde.
That earned him a peck on his lips
“Hey. I said okay”
Jonghyun’s eyes widened as he realised that that had been the other’s answer.
“You know what it means”
Kibum nodded his head.
“I already knew back then. When we went home after confronting my parents. I told you I want to be your companion. I want everything. Because I want you”

It was Jonghyun’s turn to be speechless.

A smile graced the brunet’s features.
That was just how Kibum was. The real Kibum. Straightforward. Blunt. Bold.

Their lips met, and this time there were teeth and tongues. Their saliva mixed as they continued to discover and conquer each other, each nibble and brush speaking of their joined pleasure, their joined need.
The urge to finally be together in every sense of the word.
When they parted, their chests were heaving, heavy pants filling the otherwise quiet chamber.
“Okay”, Jonghyun whispered and the blonde repeated after him.

He was ready.
They were ready.

The brunet prepared himself, coating his manhood in the oily lubricant with the dubious origins and settled himself between his lover’s legs.
His hand steadied his dick and then he pushed in, causing both of them to moan out.
Kibum’s face was distorted in discomfort, but he told him through gritted teeth to keep going until he was settled.
It was a tight fit. Jonghyun had no idea how he even managed to push in without cumming at once. It was just how he had imagined it, hot, tight. Only much better.
Their hands found one another and they intertwined their fingers, holding onto each other.
Kibum needed a few moments, catching his breath and getting used to the feeling. The brunet hoped that the kisses he peppered along his face and his neck made him feel better.

“I’m ready”, Kibum breathed out and tried to relax to his best abilities. They both wanted to enjoy this and take it slow. So the initial rhythm, with which Jonghyun rocked into his lover, was shallow, but so sweet and delicious.
It didn’t take long until the younger was urging him on to go faster, to go deeper.
To make him feel good and make him come undone underneath him. Jonghyun complied, feeling his heart skip a beat as soon as Kibum arched off the mattress, a long guttural moan leaving him.
The brunet knew that he had finally found his lover’s sweet spot, that bundle of nerves that would cause him to see stars.
And the elder didn’t want him to only see those, he wanted to wash the younger’s vision white with pleasure.

“Jonghyun- ah! Jonghyun”, the blonde chanted his name with every thrust, bucking up his hips in messy motions to meet him, to make him go that much deeper.
The heat was boiling in his stomach and it got that much harder to keep a grip on reality.
To focus and direct the omnipresent aura of the underworld towards Kibum. He wanted the realm to accept him. To let him in.
Despite what everyone might think, Jonghyun could not reign over the shadows and the underworld because he wanted to.
It was because this place let him.
Accepted him.

And he had no way to tell if the underworld would accept anyone next to him.

“S-so close, angh, Jonghyun please don’t stop. I-if you stop I will die”
Said male found himself chuckling at that, but it came out as a breathless cough.
“I’m c-close too”, he answered instead, whispering the words into his lover’s ear as he snapped his hips up faster, harder to make them both come apart finally.
“Angh! Mnghhh s-so c-close! Ah!”
The brunet’s hand had wrapped around the blonde’s cock once again, stroking the hot flesh in sloppy pumps, unable to match his own rhythm.
But it was enough to bring his lover over the edge.

The blonde convulsed underneath him, his body shaking as he reached his climax and Jonghyun found himself burying his head at the younger’s neck, taking in the floral scent that was unmistakably Kibum.
He brought the spring god through his orgasm, finding his own release only three thrusts after, spilling everything he had inside his lover.

They were both panting, wheezing even as they enjoyed the white bliss that kept their bodies floating as if in another world, another universe entirely.
A place where only Kibum and Jonghyun existed.
“I love you”, the brown haired deity whispered and found himself grinning against the other’s skin when the blonde answered with a breathless ‘love you too’.
It was all he needed right now.

It took them another heartbeat or two, before Jonghyun shifted his abdomen and pulled out of his lover, eventually lifting his head to gaze into his hazel eyes.

For a moment his heart stopped beating.
The younger had his eyes only half-open, looking at him through his dark lashes. He looked satisfied and thoroughly exhausted.
What caught Jonghyun’s breath in his throat however, was Kibum’s hair.
The previous blonde locks were now coloured in a dark raven’s black, framing the spring god’s face in a perfectly created contrast of dark against light.

Jonghyun had his answer.

The underworld accepted a new sovereign.

>Chapter:Phi END<

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Inferna (Upsilon)

by SadisticSinner on AFF!

>Chapter: Upsilon<

Kibum had feared that he might arrive too late. He had hurried, urging Vanity on as they shadow- travelled as close as possible to his father’s realm.
It proved to be a real hassle that Olympus was out of reach for them.
The blonde deity did not exactly understand how it worked, but it seemed like there was an invisible barrier – like no shadows existed up on Mount Olympus.
There was just no way they could travel any closer.
And though Kibum did not know for certain, he assumed that the way in was closed even for Jonghyun who reigned over the shadows and the depths beyond.

Vanity had been abandoned on the nearest meadow that had a large enough shadow for him to emerge from.
And upon arriving and dismounting the horse had he hoped that his feet would carry him the rest of the way as fast as possible.
The spring god had been grumbling nonstop in his mind, cursing at the brunet’s stupidity.
Jonghyun’s… recklessness.

What had the other been thinking? Rushing out like this… Kibum had known instantly what the other had been up to. Joohyun had filled him in almost the moment he stepped into the Great Hall in search for the elder.
He was an idiot.
The blonde could not stop thinking that.
Going up there to confront his parent’s like that… it was pure madness.
If something happened to Jonghyun…
Kibum would never be able to forgive himself. In the end it would be his fault alone. And though he was sure that the god of the underworld was strong, stronger than many of the Olympians as he was one of the great three …
He would be up against two of the same calibre.

More importantly… Kibum didn’t even want to fathom what a fight between such important deities would cause to the human world.
He couldn’t have cared less before all of this started, but now he was more than aware of his role.
That they were all part of this and that humans were not simply stupid creatures who picked his flowers and sold his hard work for some gold or silver coins.
They were a part of this world just like them, and were capable of reaching great achievements.
As well as terrible ones.
Humans were more similar to the deities than the spring god had assumed.

Kibum knew he had gotten off track while he had travelled but his whole attention was brought back when he had caught sight of the blue flames he knew so well.
Jonghyun was angry.
And the blonde knew he had to hurry before everything would escalate.
Before anything could happen to Jonghyun or his parents.

He could already hear them talking.
What he heard however, made his blood boil in his veins. Kibum knew he needed to step in.
His hand curled around Jonghyun’s wrist – fully aware that he was touching the other despite his azure flames, but he had learned long ago not to fear them.
They did not hurt him.
Kibum knew the reason why. Knew why the fire would never consume him as long as Jongyhun didn’t want them to.
But that was beside the point.

The moment he squeezed the elder’s arm the fire vanquished completely, leaving a baffled Jonghyun in place who looked at him with wide golden orbs.

“Then believe me”

He did not let go of the other’s arm.
This time, he faced his parents with a determined look in his eyes. He would not back down.
It had been going on for far too long… and…
That last incident…
Had been the last and final straw to break the camel’s back.
That his mother… would resort to such measures…. his very own mother who had given birth to him.

Kibum still didn’t want to believe it, but what reason did he have to not believe in what Taemin had said?
More importantly…
There was another clue. He had kept it to himself until now.
But the blonde was convinced…
His own mother had set up this trap… made someone disguise themselves as Jonghyun and rape him, only to drive him back to Olympus and into his parent’s arms.
Kibum should hate and detest Hades again.

But they had achieved the exact opposite. Though the spring god was not sure how he would feel if they had indeed succeeded.

“What do you mean?”, Minho’s voice suddenly cut through the established silence
Kibum averted his gaze from Jonghyun’s still slightly bemused features to focus on his father.
He had a feeling that Zeus had no idea about the scheme.
That the deity of the sky still valued Jonghyun in a way and would do no such thing as to deceive Kibum into thinking that the brunet had raped him.
Hell, to have a plan that included the mere possibility of this happening to the spring god was something his father would not agree with.

He hoped.

“Yeah son… what do you mean?”, it was Hyosung this time who spoke up. Looked at him with a form of terror in her eyes that he couldn’t pin point.
Was it the fear of her plan being revealed or was it real concern for him?
He didn’t know.
“Do you mean to tell us that someone really tried to assault you? Harass you in the way he said?”
Kibum wanted to scoff.
As if she wouldn’t know…
“You mean rape me?”, he pronounced the word clearly and slowly, letting it sink in and what it would have meant.
He felt his body tremble a little as memories from said day rushed back into his mind, but for the sake of the success of this conversation he pushed them back.
Kibum needed to be strong.
“Yes mother. Someone did. And on top of that did they try to make me think that it was Jonghyun doing this to me. That it was him who tied me up and tried to take me against my will!”

Minho’s eyes hardened at that. His whole features darkened as he stepped closer, about to jump at Jonghyun’ throat at anytime.
“You did what!?”, he screamed, his golden eyes now wide with anger.
The blonde hurried to step in front of the brunet.
Had his father not listened?
Why were they always misunderstanding everything?

“It was not him!”, he yelled back.
“There was an imposter! Jonghyun came to save me! Were you not listening to what I have said? They made me think it was him. But it wasn’t!”
Minho stopped in his tracks. His hands were balled into fists, but they slowly unclenched now.
“It’s okay”, he heard Jonghyun’s voice from behind his back
“You don’t need to defend me like this”
Kibum only rolled his eyes at that.
“Why do you always develop a hero complex when something happens to me?”, the blonde retorted with new found cockiness.
“You always risk everything for me. But this time… they won’t listen to you”, he whispered back to the other
“You need me.”
And that caused Jonghyun to fall silent.
The brunet closed his eyes, a faint smile on his lips.

“You are right”, he whispered then, so only Kibum could hear him.
“I need you”
This time it was the blonde’s turn to flush in a bright red colour.
He was close to telling the other to shut up and nudge him for being so cheesy with him, but it wasn’t really appropriate for the time being.
“Oh”, he heard his mother sneer and turned his attention back to her.
“I see how it is then”, she crossed her arms, eyes narrowed in disgust.
“I see through your plan Hades.” Hyosung’s voice was low, the accusing tone more than obvious.
The blonde only blinked in confusion.


“So it was one of his creatures, huh? They impersonated him so he could appear as the hero and save you? What a despicable scheme Hades!”, she yelled and Kibum felt his head throb in frustration.

“It was Peitho”, Jonghyun spoke up this time and faced Demeter who looked back at him.
The spring god could watch as his mother’s eyes widened and how she pressed her lips into a fine line.
The blonde knew they had her cornered. Apparently she didn’t know yet that they had seen her. Peitho that is.
“I recognised her”, Kibum affirmed the elder’s statement and addressed his father this time
“Jonghyun attacked her to get her off me and in the process he burned down the disguise. It was Peitho. I’m sure. After all she is a close friend of mother right? I know her quite well.”

The spring god held Minho’s gaze. He knew he was not lying and he also knew what he was suggesting with his assertion.
Would his father believe him?

“Minho”, Jonghyun stepped closer, right next to Kibum now
“You know what he means to me. I would never… I could never…”
The brunet was obviously fighting with himself. It came as a huge relief that Hades perceived the thought alone as just as revolting as the younger.
“It was Peitho”, the blonde spoke up again to free Jonghyun of such depressing thoughts
“I swear. With my life.”

Minho regarded them with an intense stare.
Neither of them knew if they had convinced Zeus or not.
“Darling, why are you even listening to them? We should be looking for Peitho and ask her about this? I can’t believe my dear friend would commit such a horrendous crime!”
Of course, Demeter would never admit her mistakes.
Would never confess her crimes.

Kibum was shocked to say the least. In a way, the harsh reality that his mother had set up the trap still hadn’t seeped into his brain.
The blonde still hadn’t processed it.
If he did, he would probably break down again.
“Mother…”, he whispered but shook his head
Someone like this… couldn’t be called his mother, right?
“Why did you do that? Why did you plan to have me…”, the word didn’t come over his lips this time
“I did no such thing!”, she screamed, her light eyes burning with rage as she looked at Kibum first and then directed her glare at Hades.

“You…! It’s all because of you! What have you done to him! You’re making him your puppet-“
The blonde was surprised to hear his father’s voice pipe up out of the blue.
The black haired deity’s expression was unreadable as he held Jonghyun’s gaze for a moment.
Kibum could only watch and hope.
“You need to do something, Minho… he is corrupting our darling so-“

It was one word – a single one, but it caused the blonde’s face to light up effortlessly.
“What?”, Demeter turned her head to face Zeus, bewilderment written all over her face
“You heard me. Please leave us alone”
How his father managed to sound so calm was a mystery to the spring god. But he felt like he could hug the living daylights out of him.
He believed him.
Zeus … trusted Jonghyun, trusted him in this.
“Darling-!”, the goddess tried again, but stopped mid sentence when the tallest turned into her direction, eyes narrowed and causing the golden orbs to get an almost dark orange hue
“Silence!”, he roared and for a moment Kibum was sure that his mother was unable to move, was maybe caught up by some sort of power his father had used.
It only lasted for a few moments however as soon enough her body slumped over and she nearly dropped forward.

There was a scowl on Demeter’s face, yet apparently she knew better than to disobey the lord of the sky. The ruler of the gods.
She faced Jonghyun for a moment and the amount of utter hatred written in her light eyes made Kibum shudder.
The brunet however, did not back down.
He stood his ground as he looked back at her with determination.
The blonde hadn’t even realised that he had let go of the elder’s arm, but now he wished he could give the other another reassuring squeeze.

Hyosung left, leaving withered barley shrubs in her wake as she walked away.
Guilt washed over Kibum briefly as he could only imagine the terrible harvest the humans would face this year.
Demeter hated losing.
Especially losing Kibum.
She had proved that already. Though back then… She kind of did have a point.
She hadn’t known about the foolish agreement his father and Jonghyun had had.
Kibum hadn’t known either.
However…  in his opinion had Jonghyun long redeemed himself.

A long sigh escaped the god of the sky, but when Minho tried to come closer, the spring deity took a step back out of habit.
Kibum felt his heart pound in his chest, heard it re-vibrating in his ears as he was simply uncertain of what might happen now.
The blonde was nervous and his eyes sought out Jonghyun’s golden ones, unconsciously moving closer to the other’s side.

This display of distrust made Minho stop in his tracks and Kibum might be wrong, but there seemed to be a tired smile on his father’s lips.

“I’m sorry”, was the first thing he said and the blonde felt Jonghyun tense up.
He couldn’t tell what the elder was thinking, but these words must mean a lot to the god of the underworld.
After all these years, decades, maybe even centuries already… to hear such words of apology must feel alien.
But hopefully good.

Then his golden orbs turned towards Kibum himself.
“I’m sorry, son”, he whispered, head lowered
“I didn’t know. I swear I didn’t know… I would have never allowed something like this to happen… I’m sorry that you had to go through that.”
Then he addressed Jonghyun yet again, before continuing
“I’m sorry for accusing you like this. It was wrong of me. Thanks for saving Kibum”
“I wouldn’t have let anyone hurt him”, Jonghyun answered, his voice low.
As if he wasn’t sure if this was really happening.
Kibum understood.
He felt like all of this was surreal too.

“I know”, Minho answered and showed a small smile. It was thin-lipped, but it was there.

Silence ensued and neither of them knew how to break it.
Kibum wasn’t sure if he should say anything.
If they should just leave and go back home.
So he stayed rooted on the spot and focused on his father’s features, who seemed to be fighting with words as well.
It took another heartbeat, but then Zeus finally spoke up.
“Can you forgive me?”

The blonde blinked as he was confused about whom the deity had addressed. He realised however, that both his father’s and Jonghyun’s eyes were turned to him.
So the question was meant for Kibum alone.
He swallowed thickly as he wasn’t sure what to answer.
Yes? It would be a lie.
No? He couldn’t say this either as that was too harsh in his opinion.
Kibum glanced over at the brunet who was looking at him with gentle eyes. In a way, the elder was urging him on to say what he desired.

A sigh left his lips and he kept his eyes closed for a moment until he had gathered enough resolve to utter his answer.

“Time will tell”
That was the only answer he could give his father for the time being.
Of course he could not forgive him so easily.
But he had forgiven Jonghyun – and deep inside he knew that his father hadn’t been a part of this whole scheme.
His hand reached out to find the brunet’s and the younger didn’t waste a single breath before he intertwined their fingers together.
Kibum felt the familiar warmth travel up through his arm, warming him up from the inside.

He knew he was doing the right thing.

The blonde had had a lot of time to think about everything.
And Jonghyun had been a pleasant constant during this time.

“Like time told me who to trust and who to believe in”, Kibum continued, voice steady as he tilted his head to look at the older deity who had taught him so much.
Who had shaken up everything he had believed in and who had managed to wake another side of him.
A Kibum who could live more freely, who knew far more about the world now and why things weren’t always as easy as he thought.
There were always two sides of the same coin.

 Jonghyun’s look he received in return was one of utter bewilderment, but he could see that the elder was slightly flustered.
That cause Kibum to grin.
He loved it when he made the other speechless. No one would think that anyone could make the god of the underworld lose his composure like that.
But for the spring god was Jonghyun no enigma anymore.
He probably knew the brunet better than anyone – only the Erinyes and Seulgi could compete with him.
They knew the gentle soul that Jonghyun really was.

Minho kept his arms akimbo as he watched them with wary eyes.
“I get it”, he hummed and looked up at the blue sky that always loomed over Mount Olympus. There was nothing he could do.
Zeus accepted that he had done a grave mistake and that only time could heal the wounds that he and especially Demeter had caused.
But she was a completely different story – one that Minho didn’t want to talk about right now.
“I won’t stop you from leaving, son”
Kibum looked up to meet his father’s eyes.
Resignation and defeat were reflecting in the golden orbs that flickered from the youngest over to Hades before they settled on the ground.
“Just… remember that you always have a home here”

Kibum felt as if his stomach was making somersaults. His father was accepting that he was leaving, that he actually enjoyed spending time in the underworld.
That only because the season of ice was over, he did not want to come back to Mount Olympus right away.
Minho accepted that Jonghyun was not keeping him hostage.

Zeus… accepted Kibum’s free will.

“I will”
The blonde god offered a smile, trying to convey a calm vibe. On the inside however, he was slightly nervous and all the more overwhelmed.
The young deity could have never guessed that this would be a possible outcome of their family feud.
He tugged at Jonghyun’s hand now, signalling him that this was their cue to leave.
That he wanted to go back home.

The brunet didn’t utter a single word.
Probably didn’t even look at Minho for a last time before they turned around and went to find Vanity and Ira, the mare with which Jonghyun had left in the first place.
Kibum was pretty sure that the two black horses had found each other by now anyway and with the brunet next to him it was very easy to track down the mares.
Jonghyun always knew where they were, as they were creatures of the dark and Hades the lord of everything that was born from the underworld.

A whicker signalled the blonde that he had been right.
Jonghyun had led them into the right direction and soon enough was Vanity walking up to him, nudging the blonde with her head.
“Easy there, girl”, he chuckled
“Everything is alright”, Kibum told her and caressed her neck lovingly. They had really grown close.
The spring good was certain that the mare could actually feel what was up with him.
How she did it was a mystery to him, but he cherished her even more for this.
She was an unbelievable smart creature.

Ira wasn’t so far behind as she walked up to the elder and greeted him with a nudge, rubbing her head against his arm sortly and exhaling sharply through her nostrils.
They all trusted Jonghyun.
Just like Kibum did.

“I meant it”, the blonde whispered and watched as Jongyun’s body stilled for a moment, before the elder turned around to face him.
“Meant what?”, the bemusement on the brunet’s face was genuine, not an act to tease the younger.
Kibum needed to release a shaky breath.
He had practiced this a thousand times in his head, but now that he was actually going to utter the words that burned on his tongue he found himself mute.
His heart was hammering against his ribcage as if it wanted to escape and hide away.
Kibum wouldn’t let it though.
He needed to get this off his chest – the sooner, the better.
Sucking his bottom lip between his teeth, he gnawed on the soft flesh for a moment, getting his composure back in check.

Kibum’s hazel eyes locked with golden orbs.

“I… you asked me to give you a chance. I gave you one. Now… I want you to give me a chance in return”
The spring god wished he would have been able to express himself a little more eloquently, but all coherent thoughts left him when he was faced with Jonghyun’s gentle gaze.
It was unfair in a way.
But Kibum mused that this must be the way Jonghyun always felt when the blonde had looked at him.

Overwhelmed and a little helpless.

Kibum stepped closer and Jonghyun waited for him to settle, before he spoke up.
“A chance?”, the brunet asked and the blonde wanted to whine out aloud about having to be more precise.
This could actually be teasing.
But he wasn’t sure, so he went on anyways.
“I want to be… your…”, the spring god had to stop mid-sentence.
What would be the appropriate word?
He struggled with the right term, his mind racing with all the possibilities.
Kibum just didn’t know what he should say and cursed himself that he hadn’t thought of this sooner, but then again, he would have brought this up differently from the start so all planning would have been in vain eventually.
However, it seemed like Jonghyun didn’t need more words.

The brunet seemed to know the answer to his inner question however, and all that Kibum could do was close his eyes when he felt the other cupping his cheeks.

Jonghyun’s lips were gentle as they slowly brushed against his own – just like he remembered them to be.
It was a small game of push and pull, of slight pecks and warmth that spread through his body when the blonde wrapped his arms around the elder’s neck to pull him closer, forcing Jonghyun’s arms to travel down to hold him by the waist instead.
The kisses they had shared before had been short-lived and chaste, but Kibum did not want this one to be the same.
His arms squeezed the other male, and Jonghyun caught on immediately.
Pecks turned into nibbles and Kibum couldn’t help but mewl out as the elder let his bottom lip snap back into place, right before he meshed their mouths back together in a demanding kiss.
Their tongues found each other, brushing and twirling on their own, only to drive the both of them insane with the raw feeling that it conveyed.
They retreated again, Kibum catching his breath for a moment, before he used his hand to yank Jongyhun back down to meet his lips.
This time the younger tried to be just as bold, biting the other’s bottom lip with a smirk and retreating right after.

His chest was heaving and he knew that Jonghyun was just as affected.
Their pupils were dilated, the other’s golden orbs a little hazy as they stood in each other’s arms, catching their breath.

Jonghyun’s hands held him close against his sturdy body and before the younger leaned his head against the brunet’s chest he recognised a look of utter relief and affection in the other’s eyes that had always watched over him.

Kibum had known for a long time that Hades was craving him, wanted to be with him… and for a while he hadn’t thought that he would give in to the lord of the underworld.
Willingly so, even.

“I want to be your companion in the underworld. I want it all. I know what it means. I want it. I want you”, he breathed out, his cheeks pink and his brain slightly dizzy from the passionate kissing that had caused him to lose control at last.

His eyes only held determination.
Finally, he was able to tell the elder everything that he had bottled up inside.
Everything that had manifested, especially after the incident with Peitho.

“You taught me how to love that place. The underworld. The mares… The Erinyes and Seulgi. They are wonderful. They treat me like I am my own person.”
Though he grew frustrated sometimes when they called him their little Master.
He knew that the girls tried to hide it, but they were actually having quite some fun with teasing him.
But what did he expect?
The Erinyes were wicked creatures after all.

Only in a different way from what he had expected.

“You taught me how to love…”, he stopped, sighed, and placed his head right above Jongyhun’s heart, hiding his face.
His cheeks were burning and his heart was no better.
It was still pounding louder than ever.

“You didn’t teach me. It just happened… all on my own I just – “
His whispering was rudely interrupted however, Jonghyun’s voice blurting out from above the blonde’s head.
“I love you”
Kibum’s body froze for a split second before he could move again, a warm smile on his lips as he looked up to lock eyes with the brunet.
In a way, he felt like dying.

Had Jongyhun always felt this way in his presence? For all this time?
How did he cope with it?

“Yeah… I just… fell in love with the real you. I love you, too”
Kibum had to chuckle at his own confession and buried his head at Jonghyun’s neck again, a loud sigh leaving him.
“Why did you interrupt me like that!”, he complained, voice muffled by the brunet’s shoulder

“I’m sorry?”, Jonghyun answered, mirth clearly evident in his voice
“I just exploded? I needed to tell you”
I already knew, Kibum wanted to say, but he kept mum.
He chose to enjoy the warmth of the other’s body instead.
“It’s done now anyway”, he muttered eventually and Jonghyun hummed in return.

Should the blonde be angry because his confession had basically been ruined?
The spring god decided against it.
It would be unreasonable to be upset because of something like this.
He hadn’t had a real plan to begin with, so he had just went along with the flow.
Jonghyun, being the impulsive person he was… just had to butt in.
But Kibum decided that he didn’t mind.

The blonde was just happy that it was finally off the table. That he had ultimately managed to voice out the feelings he harboured for Hades, lord of the underworld.
The spring deity had recognised the growing feelings of attraction inside of him, but it had taken the assault from Peitho to let Kibum eventually admit just how deep these feelings had spread.
That it was okay to let his heart feel what it felt.

The blonde had started to trust Jonghyun a long time ago.
As far as he could tell, the other had never lied to him. And that was something that Kibum valued above all else.
Especially after everything that had happened with his parents and what he had experienced and seen with his own two eyes.
He trusted the Erinyes and Seulgi.
Kibum had fun with them, even learned that mortal card game the sisters tended to play among themselves.
They had become friends.
A part of his life.

That was the exact reason why it had been such a shock for Kibum when Peitho had emerged in Jonghyun’s form.
Not only because of his blooming feelings for the other deity, but because of the huge amount of trust he had put into the brunet.
The utter feeling of betrayal that had jolted through him when he had thought that the one person Kibum trusted had turned his back on him…

It had been sickening, horrifying to say the least.

But as it had turned out, Jonghyun never had betrayed his trust.
Yes, he easily lost his temper. Had nearly burned down the whole area in rage when they had caught Peitho executing the plan that involved Kibum getting scarred for life.

He was still overwhelmed with interpersonal affairs, but it was getting better.

Jonghyun was bad in reading people that were not of the underworld, was insecure about things that involved others. Like when he had pushed Kibum away when the blonde actually wanted him close.
But it hadn’t been with a bad intention.
The brunet had wanted the best for him.

Jonghyun had indulged in hatred for far too long. Had been hated, and hated in return.

Had made mistakes, like kidnapping him against his will. Had held him captive for a while.
But the brunet had accepted his flaws, had apologised.
Had offered Kibum to make up for it.
And that was why the blonde was eventually able to forgive the elder.
Why he was able to fall in love with Jonghyun despite everything that had happened.

The thought alone that it was only because of Kibum that Hades had started to change again… back to his gentle side… was on overwhelming feeling.
He knew that the elder was smitten with him and though the spring god had no idea what he had done to deserve this form of affection…
The blonde craved the attention by now.
The certainty, that the brunet wanted to be with him and wanted him close.
Kibum wanted it all.

He had been a little too stubborn to admit it earlier.

But it didn’t matter anymore.

Kibum had accepted the other into his heart, along with his realm.
The land of the souls, the dead and the dark.
He pushed his head even further into the other’s neck, taking in Hades’ unique scent.
The spring god had no words to describe what he smelled, besides that it was musky and just…
Just Jonghyun.

Another few heartbeats passed, and Kibum finally lifted his head again.
They should finally take their leave.
Their horses were already neighing with impatience, sick of their masters being glued together for such a long time.
“Let’s head home, Jonghyun”

The brunet met his gaze, squeezed his form.

>Chapter:Upsilon END<

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Inferna (Tau)

by Sadistic Sinner on aff

>Chapter: Tau<

Jonghyun wasn’t sure if it was the sound of a body moving between the sheets, rolling over the woollen bottom layer to get closer to him, that woke him up at the break of dawn or if it was the fact that said body was warm and pleasant against his own skin.
 A feeling that the brown haired deity was not familiar with.
Having another presence with him, cuddling closer and sharing their immortal bodies’ warmth – Jonghyun had never really experienced this.

Not like this.

The god decided that it must be a mixture of both as he opened his eyes lazily, still a little drowsy from a very deep slumber. For a moment, the brunet was confused as no memories came to haunt him before he realised that he could not remember his dreams at all.
And that was an alleviative blessing.
Jonghyun let the younger move, noticing that Kibum was still asleep when he finally settled on the brunet’s chest that seemed to be his bolster of choice for now. His arm circled the blonde deity’s waist easily, but he did not dare to let it wander.
Instead, he just held him close like this and hoped that he was providing the other with whatever he sought after.
May it be warmth or security.

Kibum seemed to be sleeping soundly. His cheeks had regained their rosy, healthy colour and Jonghyun found himself staring at the other yet again.
It happened far too often in his opinion and yet, he didn’t find it in him to stop. It was like his eyes were coaxed by a magnetic pull.
His golden orbs take everything there is to see, but they never grew tired of it when they repeated the same process over and over again.
Jonghyun wondered if that was healthy for the umpteenth time.

“I’m sorry if I woke you up”, Kibum’s voice suddenly drifted into his consciousness. He still sounded utterly tired as his voice was raspy and layered with sleep.
“You did not”, the elder told him instantly to ease his worries
“Okay”, Kibum retorted and buried his face at the other’s neck now, which sent Jonghyun into a kind of stupor. He felt the younger’s breath, felt his button nose rubbing against his shoulder junction. The brunet swore that he died a little inside at the close proximity between them and at how easy it was, how easily these feelings overwhelmed him.
Jonghyun didn’t know how long he stayed like this, just taking in the younger’s presence, but when words finally came back to him they kind of just burst out of him.
“I’m sorry”, he started, “I’m so sorry that I… that I wasn’t here when you needed…”, he stopped himself from saying ‘me’ as he didn’t want to be selfish or arrogant, “someone to hold you”.
This had been haunting him the whole night until they had both fallen asleep.
Which happened pretty quickly for Kibum considering that the blonde was utterly exhausted and… the elder represented the sturdy rock he needed to soothe himself.

Jonghyun wished that he had understood faster.
He wished that Kibum would have said something, but then again the younger really wasn’t at fault at all. The brunet should have been more observant and should have caught on that this time the younger didn’t need distance, but closeness.
A hug.
An embrace.

Someone who held him at night just as Jonghyun had finally done it now.

“It doesn’t matter”, the blonde’s voice carried a form of affection and forgiveness that the older deity couldn’t fully interpret.
But when could he? Fully understand the being of Kibum that was.
Barely ever. The other was a mystery, still.
But the brunet was more than ready to invest his endless life to explore and learn.
The spring god tightened his hold on the other deity’s tunic in which the brunet had fallen asleep, as he had not bothered changing the night before.
“It doesn’t matter, because you are here now”

Jonghyun’s breath hitched in his throat and it felt like he would never be able to breathe again. Kibum’s words pierced through him like a dagger and left him gaping.
And yet again, the elder wondered if the blonde knew what he was doing to him. What he was able to do to him and his very fragile heart with just some well-placed words.
Perhaps, he did.

Listening to his inner desires, Jonghyun wrapped his arm around the other again and held him closer. His hand stroked the younger’s side carefully but with languid strokes.
“Is this okay?”
They both fall into silence, but it is by no means uncomfortable. They just enjoyed what they had in that moment.
Security and the assurance that the other was there to catch them if they fell.

But, like always, Jonghyun is bad with keeping his mouth shut for a long period of time.
“I’m sorry this happened to you”, he started and wetted his lips right after
“I’m so sorry… all of this only happened because I was being selfish and made you come here…”
Down into the underworld, realm of the dead, the punished, the souls – Jonghyun’s home.

However, before he could ramble on about how everything was his fault, Kibum stopped him.
“Shut up”, he said unceremoniously and kind of punched the elder with his fist, right onto the brunet’s shoulder junction
“It’s not. Are you being selfish now?”,Kibum’s voice had dropped as he seemed seriously agitated by now.
“No you are not”, he grumbled and rose into a sitting position as if he wanted to tower over Jonghyun’s lying form to prove a point
“You could have forced me. You could have forced me into… into anything you would have wanted. I hate to admit it, but I’m inferior to you in both physical strength and divine power. You could have just…”, the blonde’s voice hitched and then only continued in a stuttered whisper, “you… could have forced me like… the.. other…”

The other Jonghyun.
Peitho, who had tried to rape Kibum in the form of the god of the underworld to make the blonde distrust and hate Jonghyun all over again.
And said deity couldn’t be more grateful that Peitho’s plan… Hyosung’s plan hadn’t worked.
Thanks to Taemin.
Jonghyun’s eyes wandered back to Kibum’s form, only to realise that there were big round tears gathering in the corners of the blonde’s eyes.
“Hey-”, the brunet sat up immediately, coming into a sitting position like the younger in front of him, who was shedding bitter tears by now
“Kibum…, hey, please don’t cry”
He shifted so he would be able to cup the other’s cheeks in his palms, but before he could do so, he found himself thrown of balance and back onto the mattress.
Kibum was clinging to him, hands holding on to him with an iron grip as he buried his face in the crook of the brunet’s neck.

Jonghyun sighed as he felt just as horrible as the younger.
Maybe not fully, as nothing could compare to the pain and shock one experienced firsthand, but he was close.
Seeing Kibum this broken…
This utterly shocked and scared… it angered him.
It made him furious, but right now it would be the wrong emotion to nourish. Instead, he wrapped his arms around the younger’s quaking body, trying to soothe Kibum as he kept on sobbing.
Kept on crying it out.
All the pent up pain, the hurt. The fear.

Jonghyun held him as close as he could.
“I’ve got you”, he whispered over and over again.


He decided to let the other rest as long as he needed to.

Jonghyun knew that Kibum was still exhausted.
Not only from crying his eyes out until he fell asleep from effeteness, but from all the power robbing work he had done before.
If Jonghyun would have to travel the world and bestow his power and energy to each tree and every flower and plant there is… he had to admit that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to do it. Make a whole season start and maintain it… it was a great deal.
Especially this time as Kibum had forfeited any help from his mother, who was the goddess of harvest and grains.
Plants and agriculture were their shared domain and it must be clearly easier to accomplish all this if you had help.

So the elder let him rest and sleep until he would have recovered.
Jonghyun made his way out of his own chamber and walked back to the main hall. He needed to catch up on some things.
Something had been bugging him for a little while now, but he hadn’t been able to tell what it was until now.
He had a feeling that it had to do something with death, but Yerim had not contacted him yet.
Which was good, Jonghyun mused.
If there was a problem with death…
It could end badly. Not just for the mortals.

He shook his head as he closed the door behind him. He was over-thinking things again. If no one contacted him, then he was obviously making things up on his own.
“Greetings, Mr. Daydreamer”
Jonghyun blinked as he came back to reality, face to face with his friend.
“You? Here?”
Taemin was still avoiding this place to his best ability.
“Nice to see you”, the brunet smiled eventually and offered a chair to the messenger deity, who complied and sat down.
Taemin’s features however told him that the black haired was bored, his wings folding up neatly, but they seemed kind of restless to his golden eyes.

Imagining things.
Jonghyun really needed to calm down. Ever since the assault on the blonde spring deity he had been even more on guard than before.

“Is Kibum here? Well, I mean I know he is”, the messenger god smirked in his typical manner.
Of course he knew.
Otherwise he wouldn’t be here to begin with.
“But is he available right now?”
“Sorry”, Jonghyun hummed and sat down on a chair opposite to the one where Taemin was located
“He is resting right now. Why? Anything happened?”
“There is a reply for him”, the raven haired shrugged and didn’t elaborate any further. Which caused the brunet to grumble.

A reply.
And Jonghyun was not allowed to know from whom. Or what it was about.
He bit his lip, but didn’t voice the question burning on his tongue.

“Are you curious?”, Taemin asked and the brunet wanted to wipe that knowing grin of the other’s lips
“What if I am…?”, the elder trailed off
“Is it because you don’t trust Kibum?”, the black haired deity pulled up his eyebrows and crossed his arms over his chest
“Because if you claim to love him like you say you do… then being butt-hurt about this would prove that you are a possessive bastard”
Jonghyun’s eyes widened at that comment and he found himself amazed at the fact that Taemin could utter such words with… un-paralleling ease.

“I do trust him”, he spoke up, going defensive
“Of course I do”, Jonghyun averted his eyes. But damn, he did!
“I just… “
“You worry”, the younger cut in, “That’s it, right?”
“Yeah… I guess”, the brunet shrugged and hoped that the topic was off the table with this.

But it was not.

“And?”, Taemin pressed, “There is something more”
Damn that guy and his intuition!
Jonghyun didn’t think that this was fair, but the younger’s eyes just… just saw right through him.
The elder sighed.
And why did he give in that easily?
Ah yes.
Because Taemin was still his best friend.
“I’m scared.”
The black haired nodded, urging the elder to continue. And yet again, Jonghyun sighed and just continued.
Spilling everything that was bothering him.

“I am scared of losing him. I’m scared to lose… whatever is between us right now”, he whispered and closed his eyes.
They were close. Closer than ever.
But they were still not… more than that.
Jonghyun was scared, no, terrified of losing the other’s trust, his affection, his smile. He feared that Kibum was only holding on to him right now because he was the only floating branch available, as the blonde was cross with his parents.

At the moment, Jonghyun was the only one the spring god could turn to. And the elder was scared that this was all that was between them.
That the kisses didn’t mean anything.
At least not what Jonghyun wanted them to mean.

Taemin laughed.
It was loud and clangourous and it made Jonghyun re-open his eyes in wonder.
“Honestly…”, the black haired deity shook his head in what seemed to be disbelief, “If the mortals would know how easily frightened the big bad Hades is. The god they fear above any other. They would laugh at you.”, Taemin grinned and wagged his eyebrows in a taunting manner
“They would laugh at how whipped you are. Laugh at how sickening it is to watch you be in love”

Jonghyun just growled in the back of his throat again.
It’s more of a snarl, like Ceberus would do if he was wary of something, but he stopped himself from talking back. The brunet did not dare to argue with the other in this.
How could he, when he knew how right Taemin was?

For a small moment, he felt himself short of breath. Something in his chest was tugging at him, as if it wanted to break free.
It was a fleeting emotion, maybe a little longer than the batting of an eyelash.
And then it was gone again.
The feeling that something was wrong with Yerim returned, but he brushed it aside for the time being. He trusted her.
Just as he learned to trust the Erinyes and Charon over the moons and seasons.

“And you are one of the great three”, Taemin continued and brought Jonghyun back to reality.
“You behave like one of those lovesick heroes who are sent on a great quest, but fall in love with the princess or prince of their dreams instead and endanger a whole population just for their silly love”
Jonghyun scrunched up his nose at that comment.
It didn’t sit too well with him.
“So, you say that love is stupid and silly?”
Taemin shook his head in response and sent his friend a wink.
“No. I just love to tease you”
“Oh really”, Jonghyun scoffed, but wore a grin on his features
“I couldn’t tell”
“Good that I was being sneaky then, right?”, Taemin offered with a blinding grin.

They were almost back as they used to be.


“Perhaps… you two really need to face your feelings”, Taemin hummed
Jonghyun was all ears.
“Not just yours. Everyone knows that you care for Kibum. He knows about the depth of your feelings as well. But… he still hasn’t given you an answer right? A definite yes or no. Maybe you need closure in order to calm down again. You’ve been on edge. Restless. I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed. Especially since the… attack happened”
The brunet hummed.

He knew.
But… he still feared what the younger’s answer might be.

“Closure, hm?”, he mumbled and Taemin nodded.
“It’s the only way”, his friend tried to encourage him.
“I guess”, Jonghyun shrugged his shoulders and watched as the younger rose to his full height again, wings unfolding and catapulting him into the air.
“I’ll come back another time. Can’t sit and wait until your lover wakes up”, Taemin snickered and vanished into thin air with his telltale loud ‘puff’ sound.

Jonghyun wished that he could really call Kibum his lover.


“Joohyun”, Jonghyun had been on his way up to the meadow when he finally caught sight of one of his Erinyes.
“Master?”, she stopped in her tracks and turned to face the god who had created her
“Is anything the matter?”, Joohyun tilted her head and the perfectly styled hair followed her movement.
“Not really”, Jonghyun calmed her down
“Sorry for making you worry”
Everyone was… everyone was concerned and edgy these days.

The brunet was really thankful that his Erinyes kept an attentive eye on Kibum’s well-being.
“Then what is it?”, she crossed her arms and pouted
“I’m going up to meet… someone”, he sighed as he told the spirit of jealousy about his plan. But he refused to address Minho as his brother or his family anymore.
“If Kibum wakes up while I’m up there, don’t tell him where I went. Make sure he is well rested and everything yeah?”
Joohyun just snickered and hummed.
“He is not a fragile doll, Master”, she interjected and that deflated Jonghyun for a moment.
The brunet blinked, but then he shook his head.
“I know. Just- “
“I’ll keep an eye on him”, Joohyun promised and uncrossed her arms, offering an almost invisible smile
“Thank you”
Jonghyun was already about to turn and mind his business, when the Erinye reached out and touched his arm gently
“Master… be careful”

For a moment, Jonghyun had to blush.
The memories of the past times when he had downright detested any creature of the underworld were still vivid in his mind.
And now?
They cared for him.
Jonghyun cared for them just as much.
Like a family.
“I will”

With that she let him go.
And Jonghyun hated himself a little that what he was about to do did not include the word careful.


Ira carried him as close to Olympus as she could. Shadow travelling up there was not possible. But this was close enough, Jonghyun mused as he dismounted his mare and let her graze for the time being.

His conversation with Taemin had helped him come to a conclusion. He didn’t need to talk to Kibum only.
Jonghyun also desperately needed to talk to Minho.
And that as fast as possible.

Jonghyun needed to know. If… If Minho knew.
If the younger had been aware of the plan.
Hyosung’s plan…
A voice inside his head told him that the younger couldn’t have known… he would have never agreed to a reckless and ridiculous plan like this.
It was a nagging voice.
And he needed to make it stop.

Jonghyun wanted to know right now and that was why he was here.
Up at the place he avoided at all costs.
A place he once called home, where everyone had seemed to have forgotten that he had been… no, still was one of them.

The god of the underworld closed his eyes and exhaled deeply, before he set his feet into motion again.
Finding Zeus wasn’t that hard.
The brunet realised that some things never change.
Minho sat with his eyes closed, back resting against the large cedar tree. To an outsider he might look relaxed. But Jonghyun knew what was going on for real.
The god of the sky was listening to the prayers of the mortals. If one looked closer, one noticed the slightly strained expression, the knitted eyebrows as Zeus was lost in another world of prayers, chants and pleas of the mortals below.
Jonghyun felt slightly bad for interrupting him, but he had a far more pressing matter that needed attention.

“What does it take to earn a moment of the almighty Zeus’ precious time?”
The brunet had his arms folded over his chest and cursed at himself as he hadn’t managed to keep the sarcasm out of his voice.
But at least it got him the younger’s attention.
Minho opened his eyes, searching for the source of noise before settling on Jonghyun’s black-clad form.
“Jonghyun?”, the golden orbs of the other widened and he scrambled to his feet as fast as possible.
There was some sort of relief visible in Minho’s eyes and the brunet was bemused by that. Relief?
To see him?
Well, that would be something new.
“Tell me that Kibum is with you!”

Jonghyun snickered as his small hope got crushed.
Of course, this hadn’t been about himself. At least, Zeus was concerned about Kibum’s well-being.
That was enough for the elder right now.

Minho looked more than worried as he stepped closer to the smaller deity.
“He sent me a message with Taemin, but that brat wouldn’t tell me where he is… “, the black haired deity growled and Jonghyun’s lips twitched into a small smirk.
“Maybe Kibum doesn’t want to be found, Minho”, he shrugged his shoulders
“That’s stupid… Jonghyun… tell me he is with you. I just… want to know that he is not out there all alone, tending to his work and collapsing somewhere… where a seeing mortal could find him…”

The brunet had to swallow.
To be honest, he was slightly surprised that the blonde’s father worried that much. And at the same time… it made him unbelievable mad.
Jonghyun felt a hot prickle wandering up his arms – a very familiar feeling that he didn’t have the power to stop from spreading right now.
He didn’t look, but he was sure that his lower arms were already starting to emit small blue flames. Jonghyun had had decades and centuries to get a hold of his inner power, to gain a hold of the blue, hot ocean reigning inside of him, but when his emotions got the better of him… he lost the control over the azure flicker.

The brunet swallowed, but he was aware of the fact that this had probably not ceased his flames.

“So now you worry? About him being alone out there?”
Jonghyun found this ridiculous.
Kibum was capable of looking after himself. He was no mortal princess. Though they doubtlessly shared some similarities. Sheltered for all their life, kept away from anything dangerous.
The elder licked over his lips.
They didn’t even realise how much their Kibum had grown.
In power and mental strength.
What a witty and cunning mind he had developed.

“Then where was the great Zeus when his own child was assaulted, hm? Tell me”, Jonghyun demanded with furrowed brows, mocking the other deliberately.
The indigo was spreading, travelling up his shoulders by now, but he didn’t pay it any heed. Minho could see how enraged he was for all he cared.
“Where were you? When someone tried to rape him. Tell me? You were not there to help him”
That caught Minho off-guard.
But the elder still couldn’t tell if it was because of his accusing words or the fact that the younger heard of this attack for the first time.
Still, … it seemed to be the second option.

“So you were completely oblivious of that? Aren’t you the all-knowing lord of the sky? Wow”
Jonghyun knew he was starting to exaggerate, but he couldn’t stop himself.
All these words… they wanted to be said.
They needed to be said.
The brunet couldn’t let them stay unsaid. Minho needed to know… and Jonghyun needed to see his reaction.
Deep down…
Deep down Jonghyun nourished a certain hope.

“I can’t believe it. Were you busy seducing some mortal that you didn’t even notice that your own wife was creating a plan to have your own child get raped in a stupid attempt of revenge?”
This whole situation seemed so unreal and ludicrous and downright laughable to Jonghyun, but here he was facing exactly this.
The word ‘rape’ made his flames grow in size as the sole thought of it made him want to vomit.
Made him want to travel back in time and burn Peitho until nothing of her was left behind.
Kibum’s broken gaze lingered in his mind and he had to close his eyes and exhale deeply to stop himself from losing all of his remaining control.

“Hyosung? That’s… that’s absurd, Jonghyun. Why would she do that?”
“Of course, why would you believe me”, the elder snarled and closed his eyes.
“It’s always Hyosung.”, he muttered under his breath.
“You’ve changed Minho. You’re whipped. To the point that you don’t represent your own opinions anymore but you just give in and bend to her will… You don’t trust me anymore.”
Well, that was definitely nothing new.
But that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt.
“You used to love justice”, Jonghyun continued, “But apparently you left your sense for that matter to Athena completely!”

Blue heat was fuelling his anger, his growing spite against Hyosung and Minho.
Blue was Jonghyun’s equivalent to red.
And his golden eyes were tinted dark cerulean by now.
He saw blue.
Rage, anger. It throbbed in his veins as he wanted justice for Kibum, wanted them to know the truth, wanted Hyosung to stand her ground and admit what she had done.
“You used to listen to both sides without being biased. Now you take her side without any consideration”
The brunet tried to stay calm. He really, really did.
Even though his calm voice must be in a huge contrast to the blazing fire that was dancing on his shoulders.

“Because he knows that you are a notorious liar”, Hyosung’s voice cut through the air like a sharpened blade.
Her resentment towards Jonghyun and everything he stood for was evident in her tone.
She strode forward, taking her place next to Minho and squeezed Zeus’ hand in reassurance.
Jonghyun just found it sickening how she managed to play her games.
Why had she changed so much?
Demeter used to be a close family member to him too. By far not the closest but..
He had never thought that they would fight like this.
“He knows you shadow walkers spread lies. Why would I ever do something like this to our precious child? You are still holding him hostage! So the criminal is you!”
“Right, brother”
The brunet shuddered at the term.
He had stopped calling Minho his sibling a long time ago already.

“Why do you accuse her like that?”, the black haired deity of the sky asked, “Kibum is our son. She could never harm him in any way”
The brunet narrowed his eyes.
His hope was being crushed right underneath their feet.
Jonghyun just sighed in defeat, caving in as he realised it would be wasted effort if he continued to press on the matter.
Yet, at the same time it made him even angrier.
Hyosung treated Kibum like…
Like it didn’t even matter to her how scared and scarred her son was now.
And that Minho didn’t even deserve to know in what state the blonde deity was in.

“You’re horrible”, the brunet muttered and looked at the both of them. It was directed at Demeter, but he didn’t mind if Minho would feel addressed as well.
“I loved to call you my siblings”, his lips formed a thin line before he turned his attention to the younger male god alone, “Now, I don’t even want to be called your friend anymore.”
Minho bit his lower lip in response.
The god of the sky seemed to be wavering, but the elder knew he wouldn’t give in.
“Jonghyun… come on… you can’t seriously believe that she would do that. Why would anyone even try to attack Kibum… that’s nonsense”

Jonghyun’s eyes flared with a new wave of indigo.
He was so close to letting go.
So close to charging at them and teach them the pain that Kibum went through. He didn’t even care that he probably had no chance against two other gods.
It didn’t matter to the brunet.
All coherent thoughts were lost when his fire took over him.
“It’s nonsense and you know it. No one would do something terrible like that. You know that I can’t believe you.”

It felt like the last straw.
The last piece that kept Jonghyun from risking everything.
But he never jumped forward.
Instead, all of his fire vanquished with a single touch.
His eyes turned back to their golden colour as Kibum’s slim hand had grabbed his forearm despite the cerulean flicker and had caused the fire to extinguish with that single small action.

“Then believe me”

>Chapter:Tau END<

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Inferna (Sigma)

>Chapter: Sigma<

Taemin scrunched up his nose as he took a seat on one of the chairs in the main hall of Jonghyun’s home.
The black haired god crossed his legs as he leaned back and stared at the ceiling for a moment. The head of the house looked at the younger with a sceptical gaze, but he kept mum for now.
It took Taemin a while before he spoke up.
The younger had also crossed his arms now, blowing air up along his face to get a strand of hair out of his eyes.
“They are going nuts”, the raven haired deity said eventually and a small smirk formed on his lips as he continued his tale
“They think you are keeping him hostage. Again”, a casual shrug of shoulders followed and Taemin finally looked at Jonghyun, his gaze more than a little amused at the other gods’ biased opinion.
Jonghyun could only sigh at this.
It wasn’t like he expected it to be any other way, if he was completely honest.

“I don’t care anymore”, he started and looked into Taemin’s bright golden eyes. They seemed a little less dull.
“It’s not like they will ever change.”

At that, Taemin raised his eyebrows with a questioning look in his orbs.
Apparently this hadn’t been something the messenger god had expected.
“Wasn’t it you for all those eons who insisted that they would come around one day?”
Jonghyun only shrugged again.
“You are right, Taem. I kept on hoping for eons. I’m getting tired of it.”
“You never got tired of waiting for Kibum to come around”
Jonghyun’s breath hitched as the black haired teased him with a knowing smirk. This argument was completely unfair and caught him off guard every time.
The brunet hated it.

“That’s something different”, he mumbled with averted eyes, trying to hide his reddening cheeks from the other.
“Because you love him?”
Jonghyun’s eyes widened for a moment as Taemin voiced these words. Sucking in his lower lip, he chewed on it for a moment out of nervousness, before he closed his eyes again and hummed in approval.
“Because I love him.”

Taemin only smiled at that and let a chuckle escape his throat.
“Oh I know”
Jonghyun grumbled lowly at the other’s obvious amusement
“It’s kind of hard to miss, you know?”
“Oh just – “, the god of the underworld whined, but then he caught himself just in time.
He cleared his throat and decided it was the best strategy to just drop the subject all together.
This was and had always been an argument he could not win.

But deep down, he was glad that Taemin was here to fight with him over it.

After regaining his composure, the brunet took another long breath before he went back to the actual topic at hand.
“What did you come here for?”, Jonghyun asked and looked at the messenger deity with interest and genuine curiosity.
The raven haired still kept his safe distance from him.
From the underworld in general, so the elder had a feeling that there must be a reason for the younger’s presence.
It was surely not to just check-up upon a friend, as much as Jonghyun would have been delighted at that.

The younger hummed for a moment and then shook his head in agreement.
“Kibum had a message to send”
The brunet’s interest got piqued at that immediately.
A message?
“To whom?”, he asked without batting an eyelash, but it only caused Taemin to snicker at the elder’s evident curiosity.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”, the deity wagged his eyebrows in a taunting manner.
And yes, Jonghyun wanted to know.
For whom did Kibum have a message and what was it about?
But he could already read in the black haired’s expression that he would not receive an answer to any of his questions.
“It’s not for you, so you won’t get to hear it”, Taemin said the exact words the elder had already expected.
But it did not hurt to try, right?
Jonghyun growled, and shook his head before releasing a sigh of defeat.
He did his job, Taemin did his job and they both stuck to the rules.
Nothing more, nothing less.

“And why are you here?”
Here, after Taemin had obviously already received the message from the blonde spring god who was currently in his own room, not ready to face the world, yet.
Why was he here with Jonghyun?

The winged deity released a loud sigh that spoke of his exhaustion.
“Just…”, he started and the brunet could hear his reluctance as the younger seemed to turn over words and phrases in his mind
“Did he… by any chance… try for rebirth?”
The lord of the dead bit his lip.
His senses stretched, but he received the same answer as always and it hurt him deep down to see his friend suffer like this.
Even though Taemin might not regard him as his best friend anymore… for Jonghyun the other would always hold the same spot in his heart.
“No.”, he answered with a quiet voice
“I’m sorry”, he added because there is nothing else he can really say.

“It’s okay”, the younger deity shrugged his shoulders with a fake grin on his lips
“One can keep on hoping, right?”
And Jonghyun sincerely wished that Taemin would not stop believing, like he had.


Spring came and Kibum returned to his duties.
But that did not mean that he also returned to Olympus.
Instead, the blonde made sure to come back every time the sun started to vanish behind the horizon, after Helios had finished his daily routine.
Jonghyun was overjoyed at the turn of events, but it also worried him greatly.

The brunet had never witnessed just how consuming the younger’s job really was.
It was the worst when Kibum had to slowly wake up the flowers and trees after their long slumber.
Investing that much energy all at once had caused the spring god to look pale, almost translucent, but, fortunately, the nectar Jonghyun had served him had helped almost immediately.

Nature had woken and was in full bloom by now.
But that did not stop the other from trying his hardest, going out every day to keep tabs on everything.
Give just a little more when it was needed.

And that was exactly what worried the elder, as it also meant that Kibum came back every evening completely exhausted and tired.

“You’re trying too hard”, Jonghyun commented one day after another of the spring god’s escapades. Meaning that he had spent the whole day outside, on Vanity’s back, making sure that everything was in order and at the same time trying to be stealthy about it.
When there was something Kibum wanted to avoid at all costs, then it was meeting his mother, goddess of harvest.

The younger looked ghastly white and the tiredness he radiated was almost painful to watch.
“I have to do this, Jonghyun”, Kibum answered with ease
“It’s my job. You know the rules”
Jonghyun only grunted at that.
“But you are pushing yourself too hard”, was his counter argument which the blonde only acknowledged with a simple smile
“Thank you for worrying”

The brunet had to avert his eyes for a moment as he could not take the fuzzy feeling of millions of bumblebees in his stomach.
“Of course I do”, he muttered under his breath but Kibum did not seem to have heard it

“I’m pushing myself for a reason you know?”, the younger sat down on the bed, while Jonghyun was still seated in the chair in front of his table
“I want them to see that I am fine on my own. I don’t need my parent’s guidance, I do not need to seek shelter at Olympus every day just so my mother can fuss over me”, he explained with a determined face
“My mother told me countless of times that the world is not safe for minor gods like me. That monsters could eat me, that mortals who have the special gift could catch me and tie me down with their tricks. But here I am”, Kibum shrugged his shoulders
“And I’m fine”
“That is debatable”, Jonghyun countered but the younger would have none of it
“I am exhausted yes, but not eaten by the hydra or a manticore”
The brunet chuckled at that and could only nod because yes, the blonde did have a point there.

“Besides…”, the spring god trailed off and couldn’t meet the elder’s eyes for a moment so Jonghyun pressed on
Kibum exhaled, but then looked back up.
The younger was sitting at the end of the bed that was the closest to the brunet’s own seat.
If he reached out he could…
“Besides”, his thoughts get interrupted
“I thought… this is the easiest method to show them that they are wrong”
Jonghyun didn’t understand for a moment what the other was getting at, but the younger seemed to have been able to read his expression of bemusement and continued on
“I am doing my job, so you are not holding me captive”

Jonghyun swallowed at that.
Kibum was trying his hardest to…
For him?

The brunet couldn’t stop himself from extending his hand so he was able to cup the blonde’s cheek gently.
This boy, really…
Jonghyun’s lips formed a grateful smile, while he caressed these high cheekbones with his thumb in a languid motion.
“It’s fine”, he whispered
“I don’t care what they think about me anymore”, he tried to soothe the younger’s worries
“But I do”, came the swift retort and in that moment the younger looked so utterly tired that the brunet reached behind himself to take the cup that was placed there. It was filled to the brim with nectar and he handed it over to the blonde in a fluid motion.

Kibum accepted it gladly and took a sip from the divine drink that would restore some of his energy and power.
He handed it back, and got up from the soft woollen mattress a moment later.
Jonghyun barely had the time to put the goblet back on the table before he felt a soft and slightly moist kiss being pressed on his forehead.
He fought the gasp that was about to jump from his throat only to be met with one of those breathtaking smiles that Kibum gifted him with far too seldom for his liking.
Words burned on his tongue, but the blonde is faster to speak up.
“And I know you care too”

Jonghyun froze at those words.
Though he could not be sure if it was because of the truth that these words held or at the proximity between him and the spring good.
Kibum was so close, still hovering over him after the kiss he had gotten.
And Jonghyun was not sure if time was suddenly passing in slow motion or on high speed.

For a split second, Kibum is leaning their foreheads together, but the moment passed by far too fast for the brunet to even realise it had happened as only a blink of an eye later, the spring god had detached himself and opened the door that let out into the corridors.
He has already stepped out with one foot as Jonghyun shot up and reached out to get a grip on the younger’s wrist which was still adorned with the golden bracers the elder had gotten him.

There are a million things that floated by in his mind, but every single one of them disappeared into thin air as he had pulled on the blonde’s arm and had welcomed him with a kiss.
His lips press against Kibum’s and the touch feels so warm, so genuine that he wondered for a moment if it was really happening.
His hands had long wrapped themselves around the blonde’s waist and he swore that his heart stopped beating when he felt Kibum kiss back with hesitant motions.

It did not even last that long, just gentle presses of their mouths to savour what they had in this very moment.
When they broke apart, Jonghyun was out of breath because honestly, who remembers to breathe through their nose when they are kissing the one person they love and yearn for?

“I don’t care anymore”, the brunet uttered between his breaths
“I don’t care anymore what they think about me as long as… as long as you know the real me”
Kibum looked shocked for a moment, taking in the words Jonghyun had said, but then his lips bloomed into a full smile that sent the lord of the underworld to Elysium and back.
“I think I do”, he whispered back and leaned his head against the brunet’s shoulder
“The real Hades can be quite charming”

Said god only felt dumbfounded and completely spellbound by the younger’s confession and the fact that the blonde had not pushed him away yet.
“Thank you”, Jonghyun uttered and was amazed that his voice did not break
“I’m so sorry for coming onto you like this after…”, in fact, the god of the underworld felt horrible at the realisation that he might have forced himself on the younger.
Kibum, however, placed a finger against the brunet’s plush lips
“It’s okay”, he said in a calm voice
“Because I know it’s you”
Their eyes met for a moment and Jonghyun could make out a question that was lingering in the back of the other’s mind, but the younger did not mention it.
Instead, he leaned back against the elder’s shoulder and seemed to enjoy their closeness for a while.
It was almost like Kibum was making sure that it was really him, that it was really Jonghyun here with him and not another trick, another imposter.
“It’s me…”, the elder added for emphasis, his voice barely above a whisper, but it broke the spell regardless.

The spring god hummed and freed himself from the brunet’s grasp gently.
Not that Jonghyun would have stopped him – no, he let the other slip out of his arms easily.
“I will go and rest”, Kibum said and waited for a moment in the doorway.
It was like he was expecting the elder to say something, but the brunet kept his mouth shut as he had no idea what the blonde might have been waiting for.

The younger deity just smiled at him again and excused himself then with a small nod.
Jongyhun stayed rooted to his spot, even long after Kibum had probably reached his own chamber.
What… had been on the blonde’s mind?

“Master, maybe you should have asked him to stay”
Jonghyun turned sideways, and was shocked to see three pairs of eyes blinking back at him with obvious amusement glistening in the Erinyes’ orbs.
“Shush!”, he told them
“He was sexually harassed not too long ago, how could I even ask such a thing?”, he argued, but the three girls only roll their eyes at him.
“Maybe that is exactly why he might want you to be there, my lord”, Sooyoung, the youngest of his shadow creatures spoke up
Jonghyun bit his lower lip at that.

Was Sooyoung hinting that Kibum might be scared?
Felt alone and… vulnerable?
The brunet swallowed loudly at the possibility that Kibum had been shouldering his inner pain alone for almost six moons.
He looked back up and met their gazes.
“It’s too late now to follow him, right?”
“I fear so, Master”, Seunghwan answered on her sisters’ behalf

Jonghyun only groaned at that.
There was still so much left for him to learn.
Kibum adapted rather quickly, once he had been over his phase of general rejection and resentment. He had learned about him. About the underworld, and about so many more things he grew curious about.
 And here he was, Hades, so lost at the spring god’s mere gaze.
So lost at the topic of love.
He had never learned how to handle a lover, let alone an almost lover.
And the fact that his Erinyes, spirits of punishment, were the ones who told him what to do, giving him endless advices, peeved him a little.
Jonghyun felt overwhelmed, but he wanted to learn and to rise on his own.

Though he was grateful.
They would just never hear it from him. His pride was stopping him from doing so for the time being.

So he closed the door with a loud huff, slamming it slightly louder than necessary to escape the girls’ wiggling eyebrows and knowing stares.
Next time, he promised to himself, he would know what to answer to the question that stayed unsaid.


The next morning arrived with Helios chariot, radiant and blinding as ever.
A new day and Jonghyun was fully set on making it up to the other.
To apologise and ask him what was wrong.
Just… to be there.
Granting someone some space was good, he told himself, but sometimes it was not what they really needed.
If he could believe the words of his Erinyes.
And this time, the brunet was majorly sure that their words had been nothing but the truth.

However, as Tyche would have it, Kibum had already left with Vanity by the time Jonghyun regained consciousness.
It was rather unsettling and upsetting for the lord of the underworld when Joohyun told him of the blonde’s absence, but it was to be expected of the spring god.
Pushing himself too hard as always, Jonghyun had muttered under his breath as the eldest Erinye had squeezed his arm in reassurance.
“He will be back by nightfall”

And to say that the brunet had been utterly nervous and just downright insufferable for the whole day would probably be the understatement of the century.
He had been pacing around the great hall, completely ignoring the world around him in his strange antics.
The sisters had even contemplated to go and fetch Kibum, if only to make Jonghyun calm down and find back to his normal self.
They had decided against it, in the end, if only to cackle at their master’s misery.

When the sky slowly turned orange and light red, Jonghyun finally stopped and came to an abrupt halt.
“He is back”, he uttered and a moment later he vanished through the shadow of the dining table.
The brunet popped back up on the meadow to welcome the spring god home, but he was driven here mainly out of worry.
He had felt Vanity walk through the shadows, carrying a far too exhausted Kibum on her back.
This time he had really overdone it.

Jonghyun shifted his weight from left to right and a moment later the black mare stepped out of the olive tree’s shadow.
Kibum looked ghastly white atop of his black horse.
“Jonghyun?”, came his surprised voice and the brunet nodded
Just to make sure that he was not scaring the other did he use his power to walk the shadow from his current spot to the same tree where they had emerged from only moments ago.
The dark matter released him and Kibum’s form relaxed visibly.
“It’s me”

Those were exactly the same words that broke the spell for a second time and sent Kibum tumbling into his arms.
Jonghyun gasped as he felt how hot the deity felt in his arms.
He was burning up from the lack of energy in his body and the brunet’s heart sunk at the sight in front of him.
Kibum was holding on to him, his fingers clenching the fabric of his black top as he tried to regulate his breathing.
Sweat was dripping from his forehead and the lord of the underworld wrapped his arms around the younger to prevent him from collapsing completely.

“You idiot”, he found himself scolding the blonde, who only released a breathless chuckle
“You completely overdid it”
Kibum hummed and shrugged his shoulders weakly, before burying his face at Jonghyun’s warm neck.
“I’m sorry. I made you worry…again. It’s just…”, the younger hesitated for the blink of an eye before continuing
“I don’t sleep well these days.”
“Don’t be sorry”, Jonghyun interrupted him at once and tightened his hold around the blonde spring god
“It’s me who should be sorry”
“Jonghyun… It’s not your fault”, Kibum tried to appease him
The brunet only sighed.
“I will make sure that you sleep soundly tonight”, he promised and let them fall backwards into the dark matter to bring them to the elder’s room.
The blonde did not look well at all and he was in desperate need of some nectar to lower the fever he was developing out of sheer exhaustion (It was not that gods could become sick like humans. But it was a natural reaction to being tired and void of energy).

Kibum let the elder tend to him, and for that was Jonghyun more than grateful. He even let him feed the nectar, wipe away his sweat and place him under the woollen covers to keep him warm. The spring god leaned into the touch of the cool linen cloth that the brunet used to cleanse him a last time before they called it a night, and, again, the elder found himself staring at the other for the umpteenth time.

Jonghyun kept his promise and made sure that the blonde found sleep that night, holding Kibum close to his body the whole time.

>Chapter: Sigma END<

Tyche – goddess of luck and chances

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Inferna (Rho)

>Chapter: Rho<

Loud gasps filled the air.
No one was moving for a while and the only thing that could be heard was Peitho’s heavy breathing. Her skin was coloured a dark red where Jonghyun’s blue fire hadn’t scorched it into a dead layer of black.
The smell of burnt flesh hung heavy in the air and would probably evoke the urge to throw up in anyone who had a queasy stomach.

But Jonghyun didn’t feel anything.
In fact, the only urge that was slowly growing inside him was the one where he wanted to burn her to cinders.
Set her aflame again until neither her immortality nor the ever curing effect of the sacred foods could save her anymore.
He didn’t feel any kind of sympathy as he watched her writhe in pain, her body convulsing and trembling as a new tremor shook her form.
The brunet wanted her to suffer more.
Wanted to inflict more pain.
The only thing that got repeated in his mind was that she had dared to touch Kibum.
In a more than inappropriate way, hurting him not even physically, but scarring him mentally.
And that didn’t sit well with Hades.

What enraged him even more was the fact that he had nearly been too late. And that it was only thanks to Taemin that they even managed to save the younger in time.
Any moment longer and…
The eldest didn’t even want to fathom what would have happened then.
The pain Kibum would have gone through, the fear that would have seized him and hold him captive for all his life probably.
And the result…

A new wave of anger washed over him as he imagined Kibum looking at him with scared eyes.
That all of their progress would be in vain.
Extinguished as if it all had been a dream.

Jonghyun felt his blue fire tickle him.
The emotions he felt right now, the hatred and, especially, the fear of loss he was experiencing, only fuelled the heat inside of him.
Fuelled the fire that was about to overtake him.
Make him lose control and burn everything to ashes that threatened him and first and foremost Kibum.
His golden orbs were fixed on the blonde deity in front of him.
She was rolled into a foetus position after the fire on her skin had died down.
But it would take Jonghyun only a wave of his hand to re-ignite it.

The brunet stepped closer to the figure on the ground. His gaze wasn’t wavering and his mind was fully set on finishing what he had started.
This particular feeling that was raging inside of him was new to the god.
It was tormenting him and told him to continue.
Told Jonghyun to burn.
Burn everything.

It was aggression. Merciless anger that he felt towards her for hurting that one person he loved more than anyone else.
“I’ll make you pay for this”, he whispered and Peitho only whimpered in fear.
A smirk was playing on his lips as he raised his hand in her direction.
Blue flames were already crawling up his arm, tips a dark purple as they danced in what seemed to be anticipation.

Said god stopped in his tracks.
Kibum’s voice was faint, just above a whisper and barely audible but he had caught it nonetheless.
His arm dropped to his side, the flames dying immediately as he turned on his heels to face the spring god he wanted to protect.
“Yes”, Jonghyun answered, offering a small nod

It was funny, the brunet mused.
It felt like a switch had been pushed. The looming darkness he had felt before, which had fed the blue madness inside of him, was gone in the blink of an eye.
All it had to take was for Kibum to speak up.
And his senses turned from an aggressive stance into a defensive one, the worry for the younger getting the better of him and soothing his inner rage that had nearly caused him to end a creature that was made for immortality.

The wrath…just dispersed.

His eyes didn’t leave the younger’s form and so he was kind of prepared as the blonde god suddenly jerked into motion and literally threw himself into Jonghyun’s arms.
It wasn’t something the elder had expected.
However, his body seemed to react without his brain and for that he was thankful. His arms wrapped themselves around the form of the blonde, accepting him easily and pulling him closer.
Kibum was clinging to him, clutching the front of his top as he buried his face at the crook of Jonghyun’s neck.

Only then did he realise what he had nearly done.
What he was willing to do just to… have his vigilantism and punish Peitho who had been about to do unspeakable things to Kibum.
His hold on the younger tightened as his eyes wandered from the blonde goddess, who wasn’t moving from her spot in the dirt, to Hermes.
Taemin was still watching them, hanging in mid-air, his winged shoes flapping to hold him afloat. Jonghyun nodded to the black haired god, who acknowledged him with the same gesture.
Good, he hummed in his own thoughts as Taemin had seemingly understood what he wanted to do.
What he needed to do in order to stop himself and to get Kibum to a safe place. The younger was more important than anything right now.
And if he would end Peitho right in front of the spring god’s eyes… he was sure that the blonde wouldn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

“Hold on tight”, he whispered into Kibum’s ear and noted that the younger’s grip stiffened in response.
That would do.

Jonghyun turned his head to the side and fixed the shadow of the fig tree he had used to travel here.
It would serve him a second time now.
His arms never let go of the blonde, only held him closer as he squeezed his eyes shut and let them drop backwards.
A gasp was heard and Jonghyun was sure that it had been Kibum who had been shocked at the sudden movement that would cause them to land sprawled out on the floor only that…

They didn’t.
As soon as the brunet had closed his eyes, the shadow he had looked at emitted the same dark matter again that had already erupted upon Jonghyun’s arrival. The black haze bubbled up like a fountain and enveloped them, pulling them into the shadows and letting them travel without moving a muscle.


Taemin was left alone on the hill with Peitho looking at him as if she wanted to scream for his help.
But something kept her from opening her mouth, as if she already knew that Hermes wouldn’t even move his pinkie for her.
And she might have been right there.
The black haired god stepped closer however, now settled on the ground with his wings folded.
A big grin was gracing his features as he bent forward to face Peitho.

“A message from Hades, to Peitho and Demeter”, he started in his usual chipper voice, but his eyes held an icy stare
“If you hurt Kibum again, I will open the gates of Tartarus for you. And I’ll make sure that you will continue your immortal life in the hands of perpetual torments of hell.”
Peitho’s eyes widened as she listened to the words, which cut through her like a sharp blade.
She didn’t even have the power to nod, but she didn’t need to as Taemin regained his stance and stretched with a happy smile.
“Bye!”, he waved at her, his wings catapulting him into the air and with a loud pop, Hermes was gone and Peitho was left alone to be found by anyone who passed by.


Jonghyun re-opened his eyes only a moment later and was pleased to realise they had made it just as planned.
Underneath them, Kibum’s nicely made bed made small noises with the added extra weight. The frame was sturdy though and the leather that was used was of the finest quality so nothing happened to them.
They lay still for a moment, stretched out on the many woolly sheep skins provided as comfortable bed sheets.
Kibum stirred, but didn’t let go of the other.
Jongyhun could only imagine what was going through the other right now.
“You’re safe”, he said in a low, but gentle voice.
“It’s going to be alright”, he promised.
Would it really?
Even though Peitho hadn’t been able to pull through with her scheme… She had greatly scared the younger.
Kibum had been restrained and manhandled.

No, he told himself, as he thought of the fire that was already tingling inside him again. That wanted to come alive.

“It wasn’t me”, he started again and Kibum’s form trembled as the younger slowly raised his head from the brunet’s chest
“It wasn’t me”, he repeated
“I would never harm you like that”
And Jonghyun hoped that Kibum knew that. Kibum, who knew the real him.
“I know”, the blonde’s voice was raspy and a sob made its way up his throat as the spring deity’s eyes met with his.

There it was.
The fear.
The fear Jonghyun never wanted to see in those hazel orbs.
And he hated it.
But… he felt a little relieved that this fear wasn’t caused by him.
Kibum knew it hadn’t been him and he couldn’t thank the heavens more for that.
“It’s okay now. I’ve got you”

The brunet’s heart was beating so loudly that he was scared the blonde would hear it.
Which wasn’t even unlikely, as Kibum was pressed against his chest, the younger’s body half on top of his as they were still lying on the latter’s bed.
It was crazy.
Kibum was driving him crazy and Jonghyun felt overwhelmed from everything that was happening.
When he had to protect the other in acute danger, he was fine.
He knew what he needed to do.
But this?
Being confronted with the blonde like this… and having him this close…
Was a little too much for Hades to take in.

“Thank you”
Jonghyun shook his head and felt the immediate urge to reach out and wipe away the tears that spilled from those warm eyes.
However, the position they were currently in stopped him from doing so.
“You don’t need to thank me “, he said
Not for this.
Slowly but surely, Kibum’s grip loosened and he was allowed to resettle slightly.
He didn’t really want to move away though. He enjoyed their closeness even if it caused him to feel overwhelmed.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there any sooner. I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you.”
Jonghyun knew that if they had been under normal circumstances, Kibum would have rolled his eyes at him. Told him that he didn’t need any protection, that he could look after himself just fine.
But right now, Kibum kept mum.
Didn’t even pull up his eyebrows.

And that made Jonghyun realise yet again just how serious and how severe the situation had been. And just… what a close call it had been.
Taemin… it was thanks to him that the youngest had escaped… rape.
As if Kibum had listened to his thoughts, the younger’s fingers tightened their hold on Jonghyun’s black top.
“I was praying. That it wasn’t you.”
The elder swallowed.

That Kibum was saying this meant the world to him.
“Never”, he answered quickly.
He would never force the other.
“I would never touch you against your will, nor harm you in any other way. At least, not deliberately.”
Kibum nodded to that and sat up, now fully letting go of the brunet.
For a moment their eyes meet and the blonde looked like he genuinely believed in the elder.

A warm feeling spread in Jonghyun’s chest, and this time it was not evoked by his azure blaze.

“I know.”, the spring god muttered under his breath
“I trust you.”

Hazel met gold.
The brunet wasn’t sure what he was feeling right now.
Stunned, because he felt so spellbound by Kibum’s eyes.
Overpowered by the sheer force with which his heart was beating against his ribcage, fully set on breaking his bones and coming out.
He could see every single eyelash that adorned the younger’s lids.
They seem soft as they fan out, their blackness a perfect contrast to Kibum’s brown orbs.

He is breathtaking, Jonghyun noticed for the umpteenth time.

Ever since the brunet had first noticed him, he was aware of the other’s beauty.
But what started off as a mere infatuation, a yearning he couldn’t pin point…
It had manifested as a feeling he had never faced before.
Not to this degree.
Like that.
Jonghyun had loved before. He loved his mother, their mother.
His brothers.
He loved the Erinyes, Seulgi, the mares. His friends, Taemin and Hephaestus.

Jonghyun fell in love with him the more of his personality he discovered. The more words they exchanged, smiles he was gifted.

Hades was in love with the spring god Kibum and he knew he could never go back. He was in too deep.

His eyes caught sight of the other again. His thoughts had kept him busy for a moment and so he hadn’t realised just how close they were sitting by now.
How close Kibum’s face was to his own and that he could feel the blonde’s breath against his skin.
What was happening right here?
The brunet jerked back a little, didn’t want to invade the other’s personal space, but Kibum followed suit.
His eyes fell closed and Jonghyun wondered if the younger was tired.
Maybe he wanted to rest?

The blonde’s lips looked a rosy red and warm.
Like the petals of an exotic flower that tried to appeal to a butterfly and yes, Jonghyun was more than attracted.
He wondered if they tasted as sweet as he imagined them to be.

What he didn’t expect however, was that he was about to find out.

Kibum hadn’t stopped moving, and instead he had crossed the distance between them to seal their lips in a tender kiss.
Jonghyun nearly gasped, but he was too shocked to even do that.
The fact that his eyes fell close to savour the kiss of the one person he longed for, was a miracle. It certainly happened without Jonghyun’s consent.
Like a reflex.

It had been short.
So short, but the warmth that slowly spread from those pair of lips is a new kind of feeling that he wanted to relive over and over again.
It had merely been a gentle press of lips, but it was… spectacular.
They opened their eyes slowly, brown meeting gold again and they look at each other without uttering a word as if they were both scared that a single syllable could pop their bubble.

Kibum averts his eyes first and for a moment Jonghyun worried that the younger regretted what he had done, but then he caught sight of the small smile on the blonde’s lips.
Thank goodness.

The brunet decided to leave the other’s room to give him space and time to rest.
But before he could move even a single muscle did the blonde whip his head around, his eyes wide in horror.
“What about Vanity?”, he yelled
“I left her! Alone!”
The brunet could only chuckle to that.
“She will be alright.”
Jonghyun was really glad that their silence was broken though.

“She will find a way back. She knows we travelled through the shadows back home. Especially, since you’ve walked the darkness yourself… she must have gotten a better bound to you. She is a creature of the night, remember?”, he hummed
“She feels when someone she is close to travels the realm she belongs to.”

Kibum nodded and seemed obviously relieved at that.
Jonghyun now finally managed to get onto his feet, his lips still tingling from the soft touch.
“Rest. We can have dinner later, after you have relaxed for a while. Calmed down.”
Kibum nodded and hummed, seemingly thankful that the elder didn’t bring up the kiss and its meaning.
That he let it slide for now and granted him privacy and rest instead.
Jonghyun sent a wide smile in his direction, before he moved towards the door and finally made his way out of the blonde’s room.


The hall was quiet.
None of the Erinyes were back yet from whatever assignment they were tending to. The underworld gave them its orders, not just Jonghyun.
They knew by nature what had to be done.
Where they were needed.

Jonghyun stepped closer, knowing that Taemin was here in his realm, waiting for him.
He found the black haired god a moment later, sprawled out on his throne that faced the big wooden doors of the entrance hall.
His legs lay over the armrest, feet dangling in the air, while his back rested against the one opposite to it.
Taemin looked bored.
Like he didn’t want to be here.
And Jonghyun understood.

The brunet wanted to thank him.
For coming to him, telling him of the scheme Kibum’s mother and Peitho had planned and set into action.
Actually, he wanted to say so much more than that.

How have you been? Are you holding up?

Jonghyun wanted his best friend back.

“Don’t you look happy, hm?”
Hades stopped as Hermes spoke up. The black haired deity must have seen the happy grin that had graced his features when he had entered the hall.
The smile that had been caused by Kibum and the small, fleeting kiss.
A wave of dread hit him and the elder felt bad.
Taemin must miss him so much.
He must miss Jongin so damn much and must feel like Jonghyun was mocking him with his own good fortune.
It was unfair and the elder knew that.
But fate was never fair.
To no one.

Taemin saw through him before he could open his mouth.
“Don’t thank me. I did this for Kibum.”
“No, Jonghyun. Not yet, okay?”, Taemin looked at him with his golden eyes, the hurt… the pain so easily visible in them.
“I haven’t…”, he started, voice low
“Forgiven fate yet.”

Jonghyun’s breath hitched.
Not ‘you’.
Taemin knew… he remembered!
That this hadn’t been Jongyhun’s doing. That he was only a tool and not the master.
“Taem-“, the messenger god shook his head and sent him a pointed look.
The brunet shut up immediately at that.

“Is he resting now?”
The elder nodded and watched as Taemin regained a normal position on the throne. Sitting upright but slightly slouched.
“He is. He looks fine physically. But mentally…”, he trailed off and Taemin hummed in understanding
“That was to be expected, I guess”, he shrugged his shoulders.
But it was thanks to him that the worst could be prevented.

A deep sigh climbed up the black haired throat as he rose to his full height. Slightly taller than Hades himself.
“Keep him safe, Jonghyun.”, he told the elder
“Believe me… losing someone will break you. But losing the one will rip you apart and leave you in pieces.”
Hades swallowed and nodded.
He didn’t even want to think of that.
“Not yet”, the younger repeated, eyes hard as he hissed at the brunet now.
Jonghyun knew that their time hadn’t come yet.
But the thought that his friend was willing to forgive him, was enough for now.

“Okay. Thank you for looking out for him.”
Taemin only shook his head to that.
“It was a coincidence. I was at the right place at the right time. That is all. So… thank fate”, the younger spat
But Jonghyun knew better. Knew that it hadn’t been a coincidence and that Taemin had kept an eye on Kibum for him.
And one day… he would be allowed to openly thank the other and show his gratitude.

The black haired deity stretched and then faced another wall.
“I wonder how he will take it”
Jonghyun’s head jerked up and he sighed.
“That his mother planned this? To have him raped only to turn him against me?”
Taemin nodded and faced the brunet again.
“Well, it’s your job to tell him anyway. I’m done here.”
Jonghyun averted his eyes and wished for yet another time that things would mend faster.

“You are always welcome here.”
“I know”, the brunet offered a smile
“Take care.”
Taemin nodded to that before his wings unfolded and lifted him into the air, the loud pop indicating that the messenger god was gone.

Another sigh, but Jonghyun felt a little lighter.
Time will heal the cracks in their friendship.
He turned on his heels and nearly yelped as he realised he had been watched.

Kibum stood there, body half hidden by the door he had opened and hid behind.
“Kibum!”, Jonghyun’s eyes were wide
“I thought you wanted to rest!”
But the spring god seemed frozen to his spot.
Wasn’t moving. Only his bottom lip was trembling slightly, before he swallowed a lump in his throat and grit his teeth together.
“Is … it true?”, a stutter interrupted the younger’s question.
“What is?”
“What Hermes said. About my mum.”, Kibum explained, keeping a straight face
“I… don’t know”, the elder gave his honest answer
“Taemin said that he had overheard them planning…this. The trap.” The scheme that should drive them apart forever.
And then Jonghyun realised just how pale the blonde was.
How fragile he looked in this very moment.
As if he would faint if he would blink one time too much.

“Maybe… Taemin was wrong. Maybe he interpreted too much into the situation. Don’t think ill of her.” Yet.
Stayed unsaid.
And honestly, Jonghyun believed Taemin. Why should he lie to him?
If he truly despised the elder, he wouldn’t have come to him.
He would have allowed Peitho to continue and cause the greatest harm to both Kibum and Jongyhun.
But he hadn’t.
So he believed him.
His friend.
Kibum was trembling slightly by now and hugged himself.
He was fighting an inner battle, the elder could tell so by the way his eyes were darting from left to right.
And he wanted nothing more than to help.

“I… I don’t know what to believe.”, Kibum admitted
“I understand”, Jonghyun hummed and stepped closer.
He wanted to offer a hug to the younger, but he didn’t know if it would be appreciated.
“I… I don’t want to see her for a while”
Apparently, the blonde wanted to come clear with his thoughts first.
And needed to process what had happened before he could confront the alleged culprit.
His own mother.

There was only one step separating them by now.
“After the next three moons have passed… will you send me away again?”
Force him to go back to Olympus, the spring god meant.

“You are a free person, Kibum. I won’t keep you here, nor push you away if it goes against your will.”
Kibum looked more than relieved at that.
It was the blonde again, who stepped closer and closed the distance between them, wrapping his arms around the elder’s neck to be held.
And that, Jonghyun did.
Snaking his hands around the younger’s waist to hold him in a secure embrace.
“I want to stay for a while”
Jonghyun tightened his grip.
“Anything you want.”

>Chapter Rho END<


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